Wednesday, May 02, 2012

Baby Name Trends of 2012

With the first quarter of 2012 behind us, baby name sites are viewing the traffic to find which baby names are getting the most attention. It appears that The Hunger Games has taken over where Twilight left off, leaving a whole new crop of trendy baby names. One name that seeing a huge surge in interest, thanks to data from a website called Nameberry, is Rue - a young character from the popular movie that met an untimely end. However, The Hunger Games is not the only thing that's inspiring expectant parents this year. Here are a few burgeoning trends to look out for:

Boys names ending in "ett" - Bennett, Emmett, Everett, Beckett... these are a few of the names getting a lot of attention this year. Of course, it might not be a coincidence considering the name of a character in Twilight - Emmett Cullen.   

Ivy - Beyonce and Jay-Z may have started a naming trend by naming their little one Blue Ivy. Ivy has moved into the top 300 names in 2012.

Names beginning with "wes" - West, Wesley, Weston... these are a just a few of the names beginning with "wes" making their way up the baby name charts. Weston appears to be getting the most attention, after all, it is the name of the newest addition on the hit series The Office.

Adele - This name is pretty self-explanatory. One of the most popular and likeable singers on the radio right now has the lovely name of Adele, prompting expectant parents to see if it might fit their little one.

Names beginning with "gray" - Grayson, Gray... some theorize that Grayson may be the new Jason. 

Aria - Names beginning with the letter A have been popular for decades, but this one is standing out to parents. 

Cyrus - The surname of pop-star Miley Cyrus has become a popular choice for expectant parents. The ancient name ends in an S, which also happens to be a popular naming trend.

Estelle - After Sweden's royal couple named their daughter Estelle, it seems expectant parents wanted to see if their little girl could wear the moniker of a princess. This name is also a natural variation on a trend that keeps going - names that have an "elle" sound to them. Bella, Elle, Stella...

Cato - This ancient roman name is the name of the villian in Hunger Games, so it's not too surprising that it's popularity is rising. 

Blythe - Blythe is the newest name for parents who want their child's name to mean "joy" or "happiness." It's also the first name of the actress Blythe Danner. 

Have you gravitated towards any of these names?

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