Friday, January 13, 2012

Friday Wrap-up: Parenting and Pregnancy News

Everything about Jessica Simpson looks pregnant [Celebitchy]

Support for 'Bald Barbie' Swells on Facebook [ABCNews]

Tracy Anderson Is Pregnant [CelebrityBabyScoop]

Toddler Knows Physics And Chemistry [HuffPo]

French mothers don't have it all their own way [TelegraphUK]

Video baby monitors are tapping iOS and Android devices [LATimes]

How the smell of mother's milk puts babies on alert [MirrorUK]

Blogging Makes New Moms Happier [NYTimes]

Parents Want To Bring Breastfeeding Back To Sesame Street [gothamist]

Woman Gives Birth to Identical Quadruplets [NBCMiami]

It Happened to Me: Pregnancy Triggered My Eating Disorder [xojane]