Thursday, April 07, 2011

Free Online Infant Sleep Evaluation Provides Positive Results

Johnson and Johnson may have discovered a way to make up for all those recalls of over-the-counter medicines last year. The company's website provides a personalized baby sleep evaluation and tips for helping your baby sleep better.

On their website, Johnson and Johnson provides suggestions for helping babies to sleep like massage, bathing, and singing. Each method highlighted includes instructions; for example, the bathing segment comes with an instructional video on properly bathing a baby, while the infant massage method is accompanied by a printable PDF of the techniques. Parents suffering through sleepless nights will find the personalized sleep evaluator extremely useful. The questionnaire gives the parent a visual analysis of their child’s sleep habits, and provides several tips to help babies get better sleep based on the parent’s answers. The data for the evaluator was created using the sleep patterns of more than 5,000 babies.  

Many parents have found the tool to be helpful and a study by Saint Joseph’s University revealed positive outcomes for parents who used the tool. Of 264 mothers enrolled in the study, more than half were able to reduce the number and length of their baby’s night waking’s by following tips provided by the evaluation. Consequently, the mothers who were able to get more sleep also experienced less fatigue and depression.

Were the tools helpful for your family?

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