Monday, January 11, 2010

Docs have new treatment for pregnancy mask

Melasma is hormonal disorder causing dark patches in the skin and most often, it's seen in pregnant women.

It's a common problem, affecting 45 million people worldwide, but because it's most noticeable in women with darker skin, it carries a confidence crushing stigma in Latin and African American cultures.

Until recently doctors say there wasn't a very effective treatment for the condition but fractionated laser resurfacing is changing all that.

Microscopic laser columns penetrate the dermis of your skin creating tiny wounds.

Those wounds stimulate the collagen and elastin production healing the spots from the inside out.

"It's probably the best treatment currently available for the treatment of melasma." Dr. Bill Johnson, an esthetics specialist, said.

Because melasma is a chronic condition, the treatment is not a cure.