Friday, May 01, 2009

Father delivers baby son at home after watching DIY birth video on YouTube

A father successfully delivered his baby son after watching a do-it-yourself baby birth video clips on YouTube.

The naval engineer, who already has three children with his wife Jo, decided to search the internet as she was feeling some discomfort. Just four hours later, the decision paid off when the couple were told that no midwife was available when Mrs Stephens went into labour.

The technician learned how to play the guitar and complete a Rubik's cube watching Youtube videos, so he decided to check out the video sharing site's childbirth tips.

After he finished looking at the sites at about 10.30pm the couple went to bed, only to wake up at about 2.00am with Jo in labour.

When they phoned the hospital Marc and Jo, who has a history of short labours, were told that there were no midwives available. The couple had planned on a home birth, but were told to get to hospital.

'At this time Jo rushed out of the bathroom and dropped down on all fours. 'I was still on the phone to the midwife when my wife started to give birth. 'When Jo said "you might deliver this one" as a joke, I didn't believe it.'You just don't think it's going to happen. To be honest I didn't have time to panic.'My youngest daughter woke up and was standing right behind me watching the whole thing!'

Remarkably full-time mother Jo, who has had her three other children, Zoe, six, Sophie, five, and two-year-old Jasmine, said it was her easiest birth. She said: 'I was quite relaxed. I wasn't panicking at all. I have to say, out of all my four labours, that was the one I enjoyed the most.'

Praising her husband's calmness throughout the delivery, she added: 'There was no sense of panic in his voice at all. 'It was like it was another day at work for him. Marc is one of those people he can put his hand to anything.

After successfully delivering 5lb 5oz Gabriele on on March 21 the paramedics arrived and congratulated Mr Stephens on a good job.

The American midwife who posted the DIY birthing video on YouTube has said she is delighted it had been successful in helping a successful birth. Laurie Fremgen, of the Austin Midwifery Service, in Austin, Texas, said: 'I think this is really wonderful that the video was able to help this family and I am thrilled that is it being seen around the world.


Thursday, April 30, 2009

Martha Stewart’s Baby Shower

A baby shower is a time to gather with close friends and family to celebrate new life, and who better than lifestyle maven and mom Martha Stewart to help make the event memorable, inventive and fun? On Thursday, April 30th, The Martha Stewart Show will feature an audience full of expectant mothers for an hour-long episode packed with must-haves for moms-to-be! First, Access Hollywood’s Nancy O’Dell will join Martha in studio to craft and chat about Full of Life, her new book about pregnancy inspired by the birth of her daughter Ashby Grace. Next, designer Liz Lange will celebrate with a maternity fashion show, and Martha’s own staff of moms will share their personal must-have’s like UPPAbaby Strollers. Viewers will have a chance to win a G-LUXE UPPAbaby stroller of their own - click here for details.

Other must-haves that will be featured on the show include: Born Free Bottles, California Baby Products, Sophie Giraffe and Beaba Baby Cook. Additionally, Martha staff member and crafter Dani Fiori will make baby shower cookies in the shape of onesies that can be used for gifts or centerpieces.


Wednesday, April 29, 2009

National Survey of Maternity Services Released

A group advocating for more transparency in maternity care released a new survey today that rates local health care facilities.

The Birth Survey was compiled by the Coalition for Improving Maternity Services. It collected feedback from women around the country who have given birth about their experiences with doctors, midwives, hospitals and birth centers and put them online.

Robin Elise Weiss is a local birth educator who helped design the survey.

“Our goal is to increase the transparency so that the public has access to this information about the local birth providers and the facilities,” Weiss says. “We want people to be better informed about their care.”

The Birth Survey includes ratings and the proportion of obstetric intervention rates, such as c-sections, at hospitals and birth centers.

Weiss says the detailed information in the survey can help women make choices about maternity care.

“For example, if you call up a practitioner’s office today and just ask what’s the local cesarean rate in your group, chances are you’re not going to get an answer,” she says. “If you ask them how clean their facility is, how long you wait for an average appointment, that’ the kind of information that we hope to gather in parts of our survey.”

Weiss says the coalition plans to update the survey each year and that next year it will have more information.


Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Sarah Jessica Parker & Matthew Broderick to Have Twins!

It'll be a girl – and a girl! – for Sarah Jessica Parker and Matthew Broderick.

The Hollywood couple, who already have son James Wilkie, 6, announced Tuesday they're "happily anticipating the birth of their twin daughters later this summer with the generous help of a surrogate. The entire family is overjoyed."

Broderick, 47, and Parker, 44, stepped out together Monday night in New York at the premiere of his film Wonderful World, where the actor gushed about his fashion-icon wife (wearing a skintight dress) of nearly 12 years, saying, "Doesn't she look beautiful."

Twins? Lots of work, especially for a pair of busy working actors.


Olympic Gold Medalist Kerri Walsh is Pregnant

When Kerri Walsh revealed that she and husband Casey Jennings planned to start a family after the Beijing Olympics, she wasn’t kidding! Just two days after taking the gold medal in women’s beach volleyball with partner Misty May-Treanor, the couple — married in 2005 — conceived their first child. The milestones are not mutually exclusive, either — at least in Kerri’s eyes! She tells the May issue of Pregnancy magazine that “when we won the gold, it helped me focus on the next medal, which was getting pregnant.” The experience has exceeded her expectations…So much so that she’s vowed to have “at least” three children — and preferably four!

“The best thing about being pregnant is everything feels so special. Feeling the baby move inside me is truly a miracle.”

The couple opted to learn the sex of baby-on-the-way, but they’re not sharing. Initially Kerri says she “truly did not want to know,” but it was important to Casey. “We had an ultrasound two weeks before Christmas and I asked the doctor to put the news in an envelope and seal it as a gift,” she recalls. “I cried as he opened it and we found out together.” The reason for her change of heart? “I thought it would help him connect to the pregnancy more since I’m living it every day,” Kerri, 30, explains.

While many women find themselves unmotivated to work out while pregnant, as an Olympic athlete Kerri often has the opposite problem. “I’m not trying to kill myself anymore,” she says. “Slowing down the pace has been the most challenging part.” She keeps herself in shape with a mix of light cardio, weightlifting and Pilates — but all the squats in the world haven’t been enough to fight the inevitable. Jokes Kerri, “No one told me what happens to your butt and that truly frightens me. I need to get back into a Speedo!”