Friday, March 27, 2009

Laurence Fox On His Tough Transition To Fatherhood

Actor Laurence Fox admits that he had a hard time adjusting to fatherhood.

Laurence, who welcomed son Winston James with his wife Billie Piper last October, tells the Daily Mail that he didn’t feel an immediate connection to the baby.

“I definitely went through really odd feelings, really animal ones such as ‘Do I even want this baby?’” he reveals. “I was like that for about two weeks after he was born. At one point I wanted to go and set fire to all my possessions. Very odd.” As for why more dads don’t admit to these feelings, Laurence says, “Well, they just go and get drunk, don’t they?”

But Laurence, 30, says that one day it “just clicked” and gushes that his “gorgeous” son is now a source of joy.

“Suddenly I looked at him and thought, ‘You’re called Winston’ - I’d called him ‘it’ for ages, as in ‘it’s doing that’ - and then it just clicked. And that’s when you become - it’s awful isn’t it, when clich├ęs are true - but that’s when you go, ‘I’m not going to ever let anything bad happen to you - ever.’”

As for Billie, 26, Laurence reveals that she has embraced motherhood. While the two share the parenting duties – she feeds Winston and he takes over for bedtime duty – Laurence says that Billie takes on most of the work without complaint. He shares his theory on new moms:

“I think women become harder when they’ve had a baby because they’ve been through something. They’re different because they’ve suffered.”


Thursday, March 26, 2009

Eating during labour doesn't hurt baby or mother: study

Allowing a pregnant woman to eat during labour does not seem to have any effect on the outcome of mother or her baby, a new study finds.

Conventional medical wisdom has suggested that women shouldn't eat during labour because they could vomit while under general anesthesia for an emergency caesarean section and then breathe the food into their lungs. But with regional anesthetics (called spinal anesthetics) used for most caesareans these days, that advice has been under review.

The new research finds that women who have eaten during their labour are no more likely to vomit during delivery than those who did not.

The findings come from a study of 2,426 pregnant women in labour. Half were allowed to have just water during labour; the other half were encouraged to eat small amounts of food, such as bread, fruit, yogourt and juice.

Eating had no effect on the length of labour for either group, nor for the need for assisted delivery, such as the use of forceps, or C-section, Dr. Andrew Shennan, from King's College London, and colleagues report in the online edition of the British Medical Journal.

Forty-four percent of women who ate during labour had a normal vaginal delivery -- a rate identical to the rate seen in those who were allowed to have only water. The C-section delivery rate was 30 per cent in each group, and rates of instrument-assisted vaginal delivery were 27 per cent in the eating group and 26 percent in the water group.

The average length of labour was slightly but not significantly shorter in the eating group versus the water-only group (597 vs. 612 minutes).

The incidence of vomiting was nearly the same as well, at 35 per cent and 34 per cent in the two groups.

And there were no significant differences in any infant outcomes between the groups.


Monday, March 23, 2009

MealBaby- TLC During Transition

The days and weeks after welcoming a new baby into your home are like a dream. The sleep deprivation and round the clock feedings often mean that homemade meals are sparse and takeout becomes the norm. MealBaby is an online meal registry where family and friends can sign up to make and deliver meals to new parents. For loved ones who live too far away to deliver a homemade meal, the site offers up the opportunity to purchase gift cards to national chain restaurants as well as the opportunity to donate money to Feed The Children, a non-profit organization that provides food for hungry families around the world. If you're too busy to set up the registry on your own, friends can do so for you — which might make a fun addition to a baby shower! Source