Friday, February 27, 2009

Father watches childbirth 9,000 miles away

Amanda Wertz cradled her baby and told her husband, "He looks like you."
"He has a lot of hair," Andrew Wertz replied.

It was unusual only because the new parents were 7,000 miles apart. Amanda Wertz was in a bed at Holy Spirit Hospital on Monday. Marine Lance Cpl. Andrew Wertz was in Iraq. They communicated by way of a videoconference arranged by Freedom Calls, a charity that gives soldiers a way to see and speak to loved ones free of charge.This was the second time Andrew Wertz, 21, had seen his first child. On Sunday, he had a bedside view of the birth. A Web cam and audio hookup next to his wife's bed enabled him to see and speak to her. He urged her to "push." Amanda Wertz could watch her husband's face on a laptop computer screen. "He was telling me that everything was going to be OK," she says.