Saturday, January 26, 2008

First Baby? Top 10 Must Do List...

New and Younger Mothers, (correct this if it is wrong), here are the first things that one must do in this day and age to prepare for motherhood:
  1. Conduct all genetic tests and alter if need be?
  2. Register for gifts wanted at online registries.
  3. Dedicate a blog site or photo sharing site to document and share the progress of baby from as early as possible.
  4. Develop a ring of friends and play hubs online.
  5. Research baby names online and have that baby named as soon as you know the sex. Most popular top five names for boys and girls: Boys -- Michael, Jacob, Matthew, Joseph and Christopher; Girls - Hannah, Madison, Elizabeth, Alexis and Sarah. Figure out the meaning of the name.
  6. Register for a domain name for the baby.
  7. Think about GPS bracelets or Radio Frequency Identification Tags (RDIF)
  8. Put the baby's name on wait lists for schools.
  9. Make arrangements to permanently store the umbilical cord blood ($2,000 for one-time fee, $100 annual fee -- private storage recommended).
  10. Stock up on Baby Einstein music and tapes to begin developing the brain from the start.
  11. Upload a video of the birth and set up text/email alerts to announce the arrival
Source: Motherpie

Friday, January 25, 2008

When and how is the cord blood collected?

"Cord blood is collected from the umbilical cord immediately after the birth of the baby and after the cord has been cut. This blood is routinely discarded and collecting it does not alter normal birthing procedures. The collection can only take place at the time of delivery and is normally performed by your caregiver." Courtesy of CBR

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Healing Pregnancy Meditation of the Week

This meditation is especially good for women with high risk pregnancies or who are worried about their baby's state of being. Green light is a healing light.
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Pregnancy, Planning, and Good Health

Good planning during all stages of your pregnancy can help produce a healther pregnancy for both mother and baby. Here's a quick article on a couple of basic things to always keep in mind. Read more