Monday, July 16, 2007

? OF THE WEEK: Has Your Pregnancy Changed Your Relationship With Your Partner?

When I was preggo with my little girl I felt that my relationship with my hubby, Jon, had changed. Fortunately, not in an estranged way, but in a great bonding way. I felt he was so understanding to my symptoms and aches and pains. I don't think he experienced the Couvade Syndrome (when fathers-to-be are so affected, they experience symptoms of pregnancy right along with their pregnant partners, a phenomenon called Couvade Syndrome), but I would have loved to have seen him go through what I did. I must admit that one thing that definitely changed in our relationship was SEX. There were times that I thought I had the best sex of my life, but once my stomach started to grow I definitely noticed that he was aware of this. He was kind of taken back, which in turn didn't help me sexually. Honestly, I felt less sexy when my belly got pretty big. He did do a good job figuring out when I was in the mood and help me feel sexy by laying on the compliments! A little info on pregnancy and sex:
Some women report that sex during pregnancy is the best they've ever had while others admit that it's not what it once was. The heightened pleasure is usually attributed to increased blood flow to the pelvic area, also known as engorgement of the genitals. If you find that sex has become particularly enjoyable during pregnancy it may be because you finally feel free from worries about conception and contraception, and are feeling sexier than ever. But if you find yourself on the other end of the spectrum and sex is not as appealing, this can be due to several factors. The same engorgement that can push some women over the threshold of ecstasy can give other women an uncomfortable feeling of fullness after having sex and some women may feel abdominal cramping during or after sex. It may just be that you're tired or too nauseated to have sex or even care about it, especially in the first trimester. Things should pick up once you're past the first trimester and the second trimester is often marked by a resurging libido. Your libido may wane again in the third trimester, as impending labor and delivery - and your belly - loom large. By this point, some women just simply feel unattractive. Ironically, your partner's sex drive may actually increase as your pregnancy progresses, as he's drawn to your more curvaceous and feminine body. But some partners do experience a decreased libido if he's overly concerned for your health and that of your baby, or if he's apprehensive about becoming a father, that he'll hurt the baby, or if he's feeling self-conscious about making love in the presence of the unborn child.
Yes, the relationship did change. I felt like I started to rely on him more and I could feel my love for him grow stronger. Because we were going through this amazing experience together, we have a stronger bond than we've ever had before. ... but I wonder if it will change the second time around. I hope it stays just as exciting. So, let me know, how has your relationship changed since you found out you were pregnant? Is it better than ever or have you lost the intimacy you once had?