Friday, May 11, 2007

Happy Mother's Day Mommie

A 4 year old boy makes Mom breakfast in bed. So Cute!

Ten Last-Minute Mother's Day Gift Ideas

Photo in a frame: Find a great photo of mom or Grandma with the kids and a nice frame to show it off. There's nothing like a special photo to display and see every day.

Flowers: The web makes sending flowers easy, and quick. As Proflowers' web site proclaims, "It is officially last minute." Still, you'll find some nice arrangements of tulips, potted roses, and plants that can make it there in time.

Gift certificates: If you're really running late, you can send some gift certificates (Amazon, iTunes) directly to Mom via email. I love that I can find gift certificates for iTunes and for lots of brick and mortar stores at my local grocery store now. (Just get it in the mail quickly if your mom doesn't live nearby!)

Burn a CD just for mom: Mix songs you know she loves with ones she doesn't know but you know she'll love.

Make a movie: I keep coming back to this, but saying something on camera, however short and sweet, is a great way to tell mom how much you care. Check out Robin Raskin's post on One True Media and TiVo making it possible to set up a special home video channel for mom.

Photo Book: It may be too late to order one, but make one yourself out of photos in the house. If a book is too big a last-minute undertaking, try a collage instead. You can do it by theme (a vacation, family time) or just pull some of the best photos you can find together.)

Make a meal: There's a good chance she makes most of them throughout the year, so make a day's worth without her help. Lifehacker links to some good last-minute tips on MothersDayCentral, including printing some good recipes from food recipe web sites and compiling them in a personalized booklet for mom.

Homemade coupons: My kids have designed coupons for us for different holidays, good for chores, or a game of tennis—something we like to do together. (My husband is still trying to collect the tennis coupons from my 14-year-old from when she was 10, but even his cajoling brings smiles to our teen's face.) They're a way of saying, this is what I like to do with you or this is what I'd like to do to help. A nice gift, even if it's just a thought in the end.

MP3 player: My one big tech last-minute gift. Give mom the gift of music so she can listen to what she likes. A colorful Apple iPod nano or SanDisk Sansa Connect are both good choices. Get an iPod nano if you want to encourage her to exercise to the music she loves, or a Sansa Connect if she'd like to try out new music through Yahoo! Music and listen to Internet radio, too.

Be there, if you can: Aside from getting mom something, give her a hug and handmade card to let her know what she means to you. Not original, I know, but not always what we think of first. Guaranteed it will mean more than any purchased gift. source

Thursday, May 10, 2007

Jolie Says Her Pregnancy Was Intentional

It is hard not to be fascinated by the beautiful family that Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt have created. Jolie opened up to Reader’s Digest on everything from if her pregnancy was intentional to if she wants more children—biological or adopted–and the struggle to find quality time with Papa Pitt. People gave us a sneak peek of the interview before it goes on sale May 22.

Was the pregnancy intentional? “It was. Before I met Brad, I always said I was happy never to have a child biologically. He told me he hadn’t given up that thought. Then, a few months after Z came home, I saw Brad with her and Mad, and I realized how much he loved him, that a biological child would not in any way be a threat. So I said, ‘I want to try.’”

On how she went from single mom of one to part of a family of six in just three years: “I met this amazing person, and we realized we had very similar views on how we wanted to live our lives. It’s happened quickly, with so many children. Yesterday, picking up the kids from school, Brad turned around in the car, and there were three of them. He couldn’t stop laughing.”

On deciding to adopt a toddler from Vietman: “As kids get older, it’s harder for them to be adopted. … Something changed for me with Shiloh. We had Mad and Z, and neither looked like Mommy or Daddy. Then suddenly somebody in the house looked like Mommy and Daddy. It became clear to us that it might be important to have somebody around who is similar to the other children so they have a connection. Mad’s very excited that his brother is from Asia.”

On her wanting more children: “Yeah, yeah. More biological, more adopted.”

On finding quality time with Pitt: “Right now, that’s our problem! We hang out. We try to talk over the swing set. We’ll have a date night once everybody is settled. … Especially now with Pax, he still gets scared if I’m gone more than a few hours. But we’ll get them occupied with a movie and popcorn and try to run off and lock the door for a bit.”

On what Pitt finds sexy about her: “I could be dressed up in the sexiest outfit for a photo shoot, and by his behavior, he’ll let me know that’s nice, but it’s nothing as sexy as when I’m home surrounded by the kids or reading books, educating myself.”


Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Arkansas Mom Prepares for Birth of 17th Child

Honestly I could NEVER imagine having that many children! It was a struggle just to get pregnant once, so imagine 17 times! She had her first child when she was 21 years old and 19 years later, at 40, she is still going strong! It's nice to read how she loves parenting and every stage of her children's life. Her home must be "fun filled" to say the least! _____________________________________________________

LITTLE ROCK — The Duggars are once again pulling out the pink ruffles and lace as they prepare for the birth of baby number 17.

Michelle Duggar said Monday in a telephone interview from her northwest Arkansas home that the whole family is excited about the arrival of the baby girl they will name Jennifer Danielle, keeping with the family tradition of giving the child a name that begins with J.

Jennifer Danielle is due July 27.

Duggar, 40, said she was doing fine with her latest pregnancy. Although she has gotten older since she had her first child at age 21, she said, she still has plenty of energy and only minor aches and pains.

"With each baby, God's given me the grace and the energy to keep going, and they really keep you going," she said. "I feel like a 20-year-old kid, but I'm realizing my body isn't that 20-year-old. I don't get up and play the games as hard as I used to, and I try to be a little more careful."

Duggar said she and husband Jim Bob, a former state representative and U.S. senate candidate, view each phase of their children's lives as an adventure.

"I've never been a mom of a 19-year-old young man and a 17-year-old young man and woman, so every phase of parenting is an exciting adventure" Duggar said.

The Duggars home school their children at their 7,000-square foot home in Tontitown. The couple's oldest child, Joshua, is 19, and their youngest, Johanna Faith, is 19 months. Their children include two sets of twins.

Because the couple sees each child as a blessing from God, Michelle Duggar said they will, as long as she is able, accept each child they are given.

"Really, our heart is we would love to receive whatever gifts or blessings the Lord wants to give us," she said. "But I love the baby stage and I can't imagine life without having a toddler in the house."

Two of the Duggar children, Janna, 17, and Jill, 15, attended Johanna's birth at St. Mary's hospital in Rogers in 2005. Duggar said the two girls, who both have an interest in becoming midwives or nurses, may attend Jennifer's birth as well.

And though she has 16 children, Duggar said that each child is so different there are times when she feels like she knows nothing about parenting.

"Here I am a mama with her 17th child on the way, and so many people think 'Oh you've got it all figured out,"' Duggar said. "I am still learning. Just when I think I've got something figured out I try it on the next one and it doesn't work."

The Duggars' other children are John David, 17; Jessa, 14; Jinger, 13; Joseph, 12; Josiah, 11; Joy-Anna, 10; Jeremiah, 8; Jedidiah, 8; Jason, 7, James, 5; Justin, 4; and Jackson Levi,


Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Australia- One in Three Women Drink Through Pregnancy

I Found this article to be very informative and quite shocking. A national survey was taken in Australia that resulted into a third of women that didn't knew the effects of alcohol consumption during pregnancy and about the same amount said they will drink during their next pregnancy! Wow! ______________________________________________________ A THIRD of Australian women do not understand how alcohol affects an unborn baby and about the same number say they will drink through their next pregnancy, a national survey has found. Child health experts have labelled as “frightening” new results which clearly show many women of child-bearing age have no idea that drinking in pregnancy can inflict serious, long-term physical and mental damage on a child. An annual physicians' conference in Melbourne was today told that the revelation should help shape new national guidelines for drinking in pregnancy to be unveiled later this year. The unpublished study showed that more than a third of 1,103 Australian women questioned in a telephone survey did not know about the adverse effects of alcohol on the foetus. About the same number would continue to drink during a future pregnancy, including the first trimester which is the most vulnerable stage. Study leader Elizabeth Peadon, from the Australian Paediatric Surveillance Unit, said the figures highlight the need for ongoing education for women and alcohol drinking in pregnancy. “While the majority of women in this survey were aware of the effects, a frightening percentage were not and nor were they concerned,” Dr Peadon said. Australian guidelines currently recommend no more than two standard drinks a day and no more than seven standard drinks a week for pregnant women, but both the US and the UK advise abstinence. Elizabeth Elliott, a leading paediatrician from the University of Sydney, said the new results were concerning and indicate that the "no alcohol" message may be the best choice. “No safe lower level has yet been established, so the safest option right now is to just avoid it,” Professor Elliot said. Alcohol causes many problems in pregnancy including stillbirth, prematurity, low birth-weight and miscarriage. Affected babies can grow up with birth defects, neurodevelopment problems and, in the worst case, fetal alcohol syndrome, a severe disorder linked to a raft of physical and mental problems. Professor Elliot presented new research showing that 92 cases were diagnosed in Australia between 2001 and 2004, with 64 per cent in indigenous families. In half of cases, another sibling in the family was also affected. Children were being diagnosed too late, some as late as 12-years-old, when intervention was less effective. Professor Elliot said she believed the condition was vastly under-reported because of a lack of knowledge by health professionals, the perceived stigma attached to the diagnosis and the lack of diagnostic services in Australia. source

Horrible Description of a Pregnant Body

I was looking for an interesting and informative article to post on my blog, as I do almost every morning, and I came across this ridiculous one! I could not believe that someone described pregnancy in such a way. Yeah, we do get some of the symptoms described, but you don't have to be so mean about it! I actually didn't think my nose "became really big." Basically, the article is stating that since I am turning into something very unattractive, it's important to avoid excess pregnancy weight. Does that make any sense? How does this make you feel after you read it? Am I just over reacting? Check it out:

Also, keep in mind that is was written in a credible news source, American Chronicle!

Getting pregnant is perhaps the worst way that a woman can appear in her life. Not only is she as fat as an overgrown pig, she also has swollen legs and feet, swollen cheeks and her hair is falling fast. In addition to this, some pregnant women even morph into someone else when they are pregnant. They get acne and their noses become really big. Thus, you need to avoid excess pregnancy weight to feel good while pregnant.

Gaining weight is normal for women who are pregnant because there is an additional weight in your body— the baby. This, however, does not mean that you can gain excess pregnancy weight as much as you want to. There is also a limit in the kind of weight that you can gain as excess pregnancy weight can also cause a problem in giving birth.

Babies who are too big because of the kind of diet that their moms had while pregnant will be harder to deliver as opposed to infants who are just the right size. Often moms who have excess pregnancy weight and have really big babies inside them will end up in the caesarian section of the hospital, which can be really expensive and of course, more dangerous.

This is the reason why most doctors advice their patients to be more careful in the foods that they consume as this can result in a much too big baby for you. This is especially true with women who have smaller frames and those with really small hips. Below are some tips that can help pregnant women like you avoid excess pregnancy weight.

Don't eat too much

Being pregnant does not give you the license to eat anything you want, anytime you want, in whatever amounts that you want. You also need to balance the amount of food that you eat to avoid excess pregnancy weight. Eat what is enough for both of you. If you are already full, stop. Some women make the mistake of eating even when they are already full because they want their babies to have enough. This is wrong. Your body will tell you if what you have consumed is already enough.

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