Tuesday, March 06, 2007

? OF THE WEEK: How Did You Share Your Pregnancy News?

Telling your spouse, telling your friends, telling your coworkers, and especially telling your family that "I'm Pregnant! We're going to have a baby!" is perhaps one of the best parts about being pregnant. Some people wait to tell everyone that they are pregnant while others can't keep a secret. The old wive's tale is to wait until after 13 weeks because otherwise it's bad luck. Some people tell their spouse/family/friends in clever and creative ways other than "I have good news!" Back in January of '06 I wrote a post about how I shared the news we're pregnant to my husband. Here is a how I surprised him that we're having a baby:
I was so excited about the news that I just wanted to run and tell my husband, Jon. But I knew that I wanted to tell him in a clever way. I was having a baby for Pete's Sake! Not wasting too much time I ran to the store and purchased a "Congratulations on your new Baby" card. I addressed the inside of the card to "Daddy, I'll see you in nine months" signed "your little baby" and dropped it in the mailbox. Everyday from work he gets the mail before entering the house, so I knew that he would see it right when he got home. I was inside pacing back and forth just waiting to hear his keys unlock the front door. As he entered the house he had the card opened in one hand with a huge smile on his face!!!
So, how did you tell your significant other? Family/friends? It's such an exciting time, how did you share your pregnancy news?