Thursday, March 08, 2007

Durex Recalls Pregnancy Kit After Too Many False Positives

Durex Canada is recalling faulty pregnancy kits that are being pulled from the international market because of high false positive rates, Health Canada says.

Confirm Clearly Smart Pregnancy Test -- as well as Confirm Clearly Starter Kits and Confirm Clearly Refills -- are being withdrawn from sale after "higher than expected'' numbers of consumer complaints that the tests gave false positive readings and "inconsistent'' results.

Frustration with the product is apparent on (a consumer reviews site) in a discussion board dedicated to home pregnancy tests.

"My wife was tested positive many times with Confirm Clearly Smart Pregnancy Test. She went to ER and thought she had a miscarriage which turned out to be false alarm,'' wrote a poster who called himself "ckinwong.''

"I test it myself. I tested positive and I am a man.''

Health Canada said there were several cases where tests confirmed pregnancy when the women were not in fact pregnant. In a release, the agency said some prescription drugs may trigger faulty readings. It also noted there may be inherent defects in the test.

Consumers who bought kits can return them with proof of purchase.