Friday, December 15, 2006

How Accurate Are Pregnancy Tests?

Many expectant mothers ask this question and it is usually for two reasons. The test shows they are not pregnant when they wish to be, or it is positive when they really don’t want to be for whatever reason. The answers in this article should hopefully help to point you in the right direction. Home pregnancy tests are highly accurate, generally between 95% and 99.5%, if done at the correct stage of you period and at the proper time after the sexual intercourse which led to it. The earliest you can usually do a successful pregnancy test is up to two days before your period is due or 12 days after the sexual intercourse that led to the pregnancy, as a rule. Doing a test prior to that is really just wasting you money because you would have to do one again to make absolutely sure you are pregnant. It is sometimes possible to get false results and necessitate another test as follows: The causes leading to False Positives: a. Using an unclean collection cup may contaminate the sample with detergent for example. b. Using an old or damaged kit could give a false reading especially if the expiration date of the kit has elapsed. c. Having an impure urine sample that contains blood or urine from an infection can cause a wrong result. d. Taking certain prescription drugs like anticonvulsants, anti-Parkinson, diuretics, promethazine or tranquiliser drugs may affect the result. The causes leading to False Negatives: a. Taking the test too early outside of the times mentioned above will not help and it is advisable to wait between 1 and 10 days after a missed period to be sure. b. The timing of the test is crucial and urine samples should not be over 15 minutes old. Also you must give the test time to work. c. Don’t use diluted urine from having excessive drinks prior to the test. It is best to take your sample first thing in the morning when the urine is most concentrated. Whatever the result from your home pregnancy test you must always get a final confirmation from your doctor. Source

Thursday, December 14, 2006

Aguilera Plays Santa For Spears' Kids

Christina Aguilera is playing Santa for former rival Britney Spears' children after ordering Christmas gifts for them from a posh Los Angeles store.

The singer is currently on tour in Europe and called hip celebrity baby boutique Petit Tresor to make sure the presents would arrive in time for the holidays.

People magazine reported that Aguilera told boutique owner Nina Takesh, "I want to give them something adorable for the colder weather."

The star chose two blue cashmere schoolboy sweaters for $129 each for Spears' sons Sean Preston and Jayden James.

Spears herself also called Takesh for advice on what to get her children for Christmas.

Spears asked for "something matching and playful" and chose two Kaloo chairs shaped like teddy bears for $85 each.


Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Top Baby Names for 2006

Wondering what the name trends are for baby names this year? Below are the top ten for both girls and boys of 2006.


1. Emma

2. Madison

3. Ava

4. Emily

5. Isabella

6. Kaitlyn

7. Sophia

8. Olivia

9. Abigail

10. Hailey


1. Aiden

2. Jacob

3. Ethan

4. Ryan

5. Matthew

6. Jack

7. Noah

8. Nicholas

9. Joshua

10. Logan

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Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Pregnancy Dreams

Are you experiencing crazy and vivid dreams now that you are pregnant? Not to worry this is very common. Pregnant women are known for their weird dreams during pregnancy. Many women report having dreams that they loose their baby in the corridors of the hospital, have problems getting to the hospital; go into labor in odd places, etc. Basically, it’s all the fears, worries, and joys that go along with pregnancy coming out in our dreams. Here are some questions and answers to thoughts you may be having about your own vivid dreams.
My dreams lately have been so disturbing and so vivid. Does this mean something might be wrong with me or the baby? Not at all. Pregnancy dreams, especially in the last trimester, are often vivid and scary--and this is completely normal. Such dreams may provide a way for your subconscious to deal with any fears and insecurities you no doubt have about pregnancy and impending motherhood. In her book Pregnancy and Childbirth, Tracie Hotchner writes, "Dreams have an important function at this time in your life. Think of them as messages, information about yourself that you have no other way of finding out. Dreams are things to discuss, ideas to recognize." What do they mean? You may have a panicky dream in which you leave the baby unsupervised, lose her altogether, or fumble some simple task like burping your child--scenarios that may signal you're fearful of the demands of mothering. Dreaming that you're running away, falling from a great height, or trapped in a room may express your concern about losing your freedom. Other common dreams reflect concerns over changes in your looks or in your marriage, what your baby will look like, or whether you're preparing yourself for motherhood properly. What do I do about these dreams? Listen to them and know that they're normal. They're often easy to interpret--a dream that you can't feed your baby is most likely reflective of your fears that you won't know how to take care of a new baby. Although such dreams can be disturbing, regard them as an opportunity to read the tea leaves of your inner thoughts. Once you examine your fears, you can often confront them openly--either with your spouse or healthcare provider.

Though, pregnant women are usually the ones who dream vividly, you may find your partner is also having memorable dreams about the changes that lie ahead of you both. By using your dreams as a touchstone for discussion, you may find them a useful mirror and tool. You may even get a good laugh out of them.

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Monday, December 11, 2006

? OF THE WEEK: How Did You Get Your In-Laws To Give You Space?

Are you about to have the baby and your Mother-In-Law is showing interest in hanging out in the delivery room? Meanwhile, she's probably the last person you want to see there! Or is it that precious time and you just had your little baby, and you just want a little space to relax, but your In-Laws don't seem to care? Don't worry, because you are not alone. Many Mothers are experiencing the same thing you are! My Mother-In-Law lives in North Carolina, so the distance helps. She does not come over uninvited and over-stays her welcome. Luckily, my Mother lives close to me and has taken her time to help me out when I need it. So, there was no reason for my In-Laws to over stay their visit. I was fortunate enough not to deal with such an uncomfortable situation. The reason why I'm writing about this is that I constantly hear that In-Laws are a problem that new Mothers just need some advice on. My girlfriend just had a baby girl just over a week ago and she's pulling her hair out, because she doesn't know what to do. Her Mother-In-Law is always over and "controlling the situation," as she puts it. These are some responses: My husband and I got in some big fights over this b/c he couldn't understand. They wanted to come over as soon as we got home from the hospital! I just made him tell them that I need some time to get to know the baby and to bond and when I was ready for company we would let them know. After that they didn't bother us as much and they would call and ask if they could come over." -- Anonymous "I had this problem when I had my daughter and am now having another baby in August. I plan to ask everyone to hold off on the visits for a week or two until we are ready. I will have a small BBQ or potluck, when I am ready and they can all see the baby at that time. Most people should understand and if they don't, they will get over it." -- Anonymous "You just have to do what I just did with my sister in law and be honest and straightforward with them and tell them you are going to need space....they might not like it but they'll understand later on....if you are not straightforward with them you'll be more irritated in the long run! Trust me!" -- Anonymous How are you dealing with this situation? What are you doing to get space from your In-Laws? Source