Friday, October 13, 2006

Kevin Federline And Britney Spears Are Playing With The Media

I actually enjoy this twist in the Britney and Kevin family drama. Things were getting a little boring there for a minute, but thanks to Kevin for making everything exciting again! Kevin talked about rumors and whether Sutton is a boy or even if that's his real name! Go figure. He talked about the rumors on the Jackie & Bender radio show:

Jackie: There’s rumors that Sutton is not a boy. Have you heard that? Kevin: Only from my friends, cause I haven’t told them so I haven’t told them anything and my wife hasn’t spoken to anybody about anything, so… Bender: Cause word has it that she’ll reveal the news the week your cd drops. Kevin: Um, I don’t know, that might be all rumors too. Jackie: Isn’t that strange when you hear that, when you have a child and people tell you the sex is a different one. Kevin: Yeah it’s crazy. Well it’s even crazier when people are telling me my child’s name. Bender: Oh so Sutton is not the baby’s name. Kevin: Oh yeah there you go.

Thursday, October 12, 2006

Yep, Tori Spelling is Pregnant

Tori Spelling is pregnant and as you all heard Mommy is excited. That is great and all, but the reason why I'm posting about Tori has to do with her outfit. Now that she is pregnant does she think it's okay to look horrible? I'm sure their are a ton of great maternity clothes that she can wear/afford. Pregnancy is a time of beauty and I'm sure she has the money to splurge on great outfits!

Your Kids Just Might Love David Bowie Too!

David Bowie has asked producers of that great kids show Sponge Bob Square Pants, if he could star as a voice over for the show. I am a big fan of Sponge Bob and Bowie, so I think this is a match made in heaven! If anyone knows a little bit about Bowie, he is known for playing crazy, inhuman characters. Bowie asked for this acting position because his six-year-old daughter, Alexandria, is a huge fan. Oh Cute! Now only if I had the opportunity to do that. He will be playing the role of Lord Royal Highness in a new episode. Bowie, 59, mentioned in his blog,"At last, I've hit the Holy Grail of animation gigs." Source:

'Pregnant Women Should Take Fish Oil Pills'

A study a day keeps the doctor away.... ________________________________________ Pregnant women should take fish oil supplements instead of eating lots of mackerel and salmon - to reduce the risk of premature birth, say scientists. The question of whether to consume plenty of oily fish that also include herring, trout and sardines has just got a whole lot harder for expectant mums. On the one hand they contains omega-3 fatty acids which can boost birth weight and are good for the development of the foetal brain. But on the other fish can also contain mercury which causes severe neurological damage to the foetus. And now it seems mercury poses yet another danger - premature birth. Dr Fei Xue, of the Harvard School of Public Health, and her colleagues tested a group of 1,024 pregnant women in Michigan and found an average mercury level of 0.29 parts per million in their hair. Those who ate more fish tended to carry more mercury with canned fish associated with the highest mercury levels, reports New Scientist. Women who gave birth more than two weeks early were three times as likely to have mercury concentrations of at least 0.55 ppm than those who carried their babies to term, according to the study published in Environmental Health Perspectives. But since only 44 of the women gave birth prematurely Dr Xue says further research is needed to firm up the statistical significance. She said: "The messages are really very conflicting because fish is both a benefit and a potential source of hazard." Until the risks become clearer she recommends taking fish oil supplements instead. Every year over 13 million babies are born prematurely across the world - many in developing countries. The majority die shortly after birth and the survivors are at significant risk of childhood disabilities such as cerebral palsy, blindness and deafness and intellectual impairment. But many factors other than diet also contribute to premature birth. One of the most likely causes of premature labour is believed to be a "silent" infection in the uterus which can lead to early contraction and early breaking of the waters. Fishy diets are unlikely to be able to counteract the effects of infection. Dr Xue said: "Pregnant women receive mixed messages about fish consumption in pregnancy because unsaturated fatty acids and protein in fish are thought to be beneficial - but contaminants such as methylmercury may pose a hazard. "This is the first large, community-based study to examine risk of very preterm birth in relation to mercury levels among women with low to moderate exposure. "Additional studies are needed to see if these findings will be replicated in other settings." Source: LifeStyleExtra

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Pregnancy Weekly Guest Writer- Suzanne

Thanks to Suzanne for her pregnancy story. Once I read it I knew that I had to post it! I can absolutely relate to her story and so can many other Moms. I wish you the best Suzanne and thanks again! _______________________________________________ Pregnancy. Nine months – give or take – of excitement, anxiousness, worry, elation, bloating, exhaustion, questions, and waiting. There are women out there who would be eternally pregnant if they could and there are others who want children but would rather spend a night on a bed of hot coals before going through THAT again. Of the two extremes, I find myself somewhere in the middle – pregnancy limbo I suppose. I love the fact that I have a new life growing inside of me (overdue life at this point) and I revel in the excitement of becoming a mom. It isn’t that my body has been taken over by an alien being, that I need to pause to catch my breath after putting on my underwear, or even the fact that my ankles have more closely resembled cantaloupes rather than human ankles as of late. My pregnancy has been an awe-inspiring and wonderful journey. However, my pregnancy is not my own. The joy and wonder I feel is still there but it is stifled – stifled by other people’s comments. Down with inhibitions! Down with respect! Down with chivalry! Who NEEDS it when you can say whatever you want to a pregnant woman! Coincidentally, I have learned a great deal about people, both strangers and well-known acquaintances, throughout my pregnancy. People whom I thought I admired and respected have become people I try to avoid. My big bulge is something I have wanted to veil from the world so that people will treat me normally – and that has turned many a content day into a day of rolling eyes and overwhelming sighs. One of the earliest and most heinous comments happened when I was only five months pregnant. I was standing in line at a bakery counter in Grand Central Station waiting to purchase a treat for me and my little boy. The woman in line ahead of me turned to me and asked, “Are you having a boy?” I could feel a glow enter my face and a smile erupted, “Yes, I am!” Her response blew that smile right off my face, “You are gonna CRY. That’s a BIG boy.” I stood there, dumbfounded, not knowing how to respond to that wonderful pearl of wisdom. I believe something like, “Yeah,” escaped my lips, but I think I may have blocked it out. Since then, I’ve received such lovely comments as, “Your face is swollen”, “You’re going to break the record for the biggest baby”, “You’ve gained weight all over”, “Is it twins or triplets”, “You still have HOW long to go”, “You look exhausted” and the infamous “Are you SURE there is only one baby in there”. I guess it’s all a part of the joy of pregnancy, but I think before next time, I’ll have to drum up some ammo to come back at people with. Unless they are right, and my baby IS twenty-seven pounds at birth – but I doubt that.

Marathon Mom

I had to share this story that I came across this morning. Paula Radcliffe, a known marathon runner in the UK, ran a 10 Kilometre marathon in London, even though she is 6 months pregnant! Can you imagine? I think running a 10K is hard enough, imagine running with a little one inside. I don't know at what level this can injure the baby, but I hope she already spoke to her physician before doing the marathon. __________________________ MARATHON queen Paula Radcliffe got set for a gruelling 10kilometre run yesterday despite being six months pregnant. Super-fit Paula whizzed round Hyde Park during the Run London race - and baby certainly did not seem to hold her back. Paula, 32, who has been running 70 miles a week during her pregnancy, let some of the 32,000 field go past her. But she still finished in 43 minutes - a time she modestly dismissed as "a fast jog". Paula, who is due to give birth to her first child in January, said it was her last race before the baby but she does not plan to hang up her trainers just yet. She added: "The advice I've got is that it's good for me to stay fit in pregnancy by running and it's good for the baby as well. But in the last month I've slowed a lot." Source: Mirror

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

? OF THE WEEK: Are You Going To/ Did You Have An Epidural?

Now that I had my baby, I can understand the importance an epidural shot can be for a woman giving birth. Whether a woman wants an epidural or not, it is always a difficult and important decision. I eventually gave in and had the shot, but that wasn't in my birth plan. When my contractions reached 2 minutes apart they were definitely strong and painful. At that point I was crying for the epidural. I originally planned for a naturally birth, but I couldn't take the pain any more. I just thought that the epidural would take all the pain away and everything would be absolutely dreamy. The shot just couldn't work fast enough! I needed relief.
Benefits and Risks While an epidural has obvious benefits for many women, it is not without risks. An epidural may cause:
  • A prolonged labor. Some research has shown that epidural labor takes, on average, an hour longer than natural childbirth. If labor stalls after the epidural, your doctor may inject pitocin to make your contractions stronger, which can overstimulate your uterus and cause severe contractions.
  • Your blood pressure to drop severely. This happens in approximately one to two percent of cases and can cause your baby’s heart rate to drop. Your doctor will give you intravenous fluids before the epidural and throughout the rest of your labor to prevent this.
  • You to be unable to feel contractions or push. This may necessitate the use of forceps or vacuum to deliver your baby and increases the likelihood of having a c-section.
  • Your baby to move into the wrong position (malposition) due to relaxed uterine and pelvic muscles. However, some experts believe that the baby may already be in the wrong position, causing additional pain that prompts the woman to ask for an epidural.
  • You to have a seizure. However, this happens very rarely.
Did you have an epidural when you gave birth? And for the Mothers-to-be, are you considering on getting an epidural or is your birth plan to go natural, experiencing the full childbirth?

Victoria Beckham Talks About Her Post-Pregnancy Body

Victoria Beckham, former Spice Girl, Posh Spice, opened up to Australian edition of Harper's Bazaar. Having 3 boys can take a toll on your body. If you have post-pregnancy saggy skin, then Mrs. Beckham is letting you know that you are not alone. I think this is really great that Victoria is opening up about her less than perfect body. I never cared much for her, and she always looks so serious/angry when she is photographed shopping, something that puts a smile on my face. But since she has opened up about her flaws, I have grown to like her more. The fact that she is so slim and cares a TON about her looks, shocks me that she would speak openly about her natural flaws. She is so skinny and to be quite honest it annoyed me when I was pregnant, maybe because I wanted to be thin after my pregnancy. During the interview in Bazaar, not only did she say she looks "really awful naked," she goes on to say, "I've got so much saggy skin on my stomach." "I might fit into jeans, but trust me, I look really awful naked." She doesn't stop there, she adds she has"no bum at all" and credits her look in the ads for her new fragrance as the miracle of retouching. Victoria Beckham and her famous soccer-star husband, David Beckham, have 3 sons together, Brooklyn, 7, Romeo, 4, and Cruz, 19 months. If you want to read the rest of Victoria's thoughts about herself check out People.

Fertile women dress to impress, U.S. study finds

This is another great study by researchers! Sometimes I question the results of a study and many times I'm like "duh, of course that is true!" But this study is great, because it makes so much sense. Researchers are saying that when women are ovulating they show more skin and are more likely to dress sexy. So, next time you get a serious urge to dress more fashionable and show off those sexy legs, think about what time of month you are in. You could very well be ovulating and looking for some lovin'! Read the rest of the article and check out the complete study. _________________________________________________ Women dress to impress when they are at their most fertile, U.S. researchers said on Tuesday in a study they say shows that signs of human ovulation may not be as mysterious as some scientists believe. A study of young college women showed they frequently wore more fashionable or flashier clothing and jewelery when they were ovulating, as assessed by a panel of men and women looking at their photographs.

"They tend to put on skirts instead of pants, show more skin and generally dress more fashionably," said Martie Haselton, a communication studies and psychology expert at the University of California Los Angeles who led the study.

Writing in the journal Hormones and Behavior, Haselton and colleagues said their findings disproved the conventional wisdom that women are unique among animals in concealing, even from themselves, when they are most fertile.

Some animals release powerful scents when ready to mate, while others display skin color changes, but human ovulation is notoriously difficult to detect. This is attested to by the frequency of unintended pregnancy, as well as test kits marketed to women wishing to become pregnant but unaware of the likeliest time to conceive.

Haselton's team said their study showed the cues are there, even if men and women are not consciously aware of them.

Women usually ovulate on the 15th day of their menstrual cycles, and this day is when they are the most fertile. Ovulation is easily detected using urine tests, and Haselton's team used such a test to check fertility in their study.

They asked 30 university students to come to their lab for a test, without letting them know the nature of the experiment. "We asked them some things about food, for example," Haselton said in a telephone interview.

The women came back several times over the course of a month and were photographed twice -- once in their fertile phase and another time in their least-fertile phase. The faces in the photographs were blacked out.


The researchers asked 42 men and women, some older than the volunteers, to assess these photographs by asking, "In what photo is the person trying to look more attractive?"

The judges chose the photograph taken during the women's fertile phases 60 percent of the time, Haselton said. "This is well beyond chance. They were pretty consistent," she said.

"One of the things we found pretty interesting is that people sort of have their personal style, almost like their uniform," she added. "The women would show up to the lab wearing something pretty close to what they wore before, but embellished."

For example, one woman wore loose knit leggings and a tank top in both photos. "In her high fertility photograph, she would be wearing a very pretty tank top and she was wearing more jewelery. The difference was quite subtle," Haselton said.

The fertile women did not necessarily dress more provocatively, Haselton noted. "We did see a little bit more skin. It was my impression that the women were just dressing a little bit more fashionably but not sexier."

Haselton also was interested to note what did not happen.

"There's a popular notion that when women approach menstrual onset, they get out their bloated clothes and they pull out their sweats," she said. "But we didn't find that to be the case."

Haselton's team had earlier reported that women were more likely to flirt and look at attractive men when ovulating.

Source: Yahoo! News

Monday, October 09, 2006

Junk food during pregnancy increases offspring's obesity risk: research

It's time for Monday Morning News: Doctors cannot stress enough how important it is to eat healthy during your pregnancy. Research is proving that junk food, such as doughnuts, chocolates, chips, sweets, etc., can do irreversible damage to an unborn child. A child can develope diabetes, obesity, poorly developed muscles, and long-term hyperactive behavior. Please read the rest of the article below to further understand the consequences of eating poorly during your pregnancy. _______________________________________________ A research project by British scientists shows that mothers who eat junk food during pregnancy may raise their chances of having obese offspring who would be at risk of developing diabetes.

The study by the Royal Veterinary College (RVC) in London indicates that the offspring of mothers who fed on unhealthy food with poor nutritional value during gestation and lactation display poorly developed muscles in comparison with those fed on a more balanced diet, the New Scientist reported Thursday on its website.

According to the research, rats that were fed doughnuts, muffins, chocolates, crisps, cheese, biscuits and sweets during pregnancy and lactation gave birth to offspring with increased fatness and muscle waste.

The offspring also displayed signs of insulin resistance, a condition that precedes the early onset of type-2 diabetes as early as 3 weeks after birth.

"Our research suggests that healthy eating habits should start during the fetal life of an individual. Future mothers need to be aware that pregnancy is not the time to over-indulge on sugary-fatty treats," Professor Neil Stickland from the College was quoted as saying.

Eating large quantities of junk food when pregnant and breastfeeding could cause irreversible damage to their unborn children and send their offspring on the road to obesity and early onset of diabetes, said Neil.

Researchers from the College are currently investigating the longer- term effects of a maternal junk food diet on the offspring's development and health as well as the possible effects of such diets on promoting hyperactive behavior in offspring.


Now We Are A Little Family- My Birth Story

Hi everyone! I'm back! Sorry, but I've been busy going through a life changing experience! In case you didn't know, I had my first baby and now I'm a new Mother. But, first of all, I would like to thank everyone for their support and kind words! Also, my hubby, Jon, for making his debut post. That's probably the last that you'll see of him in a while. *smile* On Tuesday, September 19, 2006 at 5:45am I had a healthy, little-cutie named Emily Marie. She was 7 lb 14 oz and 21 3/4 inches long. She is everything I can ask for and more. Wow! I can't even describe the many emotions that have been going through me. All I can say is that I am sooo proud! I'm sure Jon is proud to be a Father. While holding her, it's so adorable the way he looks at her in absolute amazement. I feel like we are a family now. Now that I can compare my labor to others, I think it was pretty easy, but during the labor I thought it was anything but that. I had so many pregnancy symptoms, so I'm not complaining about the labor. Emily was born on Tuesday morning, but all day on Monday (9/18) I experienced contractions. I tried to ignore them until they became serious enough to head to the hospital. Honestly, ignoring your first contractions is not an easy thing to do! From my Mother's advice, I didn't want to head to the hospital too early, so I waited until it was time to go. Once I started to experience longer and stronger contractions, I knew that my baby was ready to come. At one point I had to go to the bathroom and when I was getting up after I was "done," my water broke. My reaction was, "oh, man!" I tried to stay calm while running over to Jon, who was watching TV, to tell him about the latest pregnancy news. You could just tell that he was a bit excited, but tried to be confident and calm upon hearing the latest news. Right after I called my Mom and told her. Around 10-15 minutes after my water broke I was able to start tracking my contractions. To be honest I was really nervous. At this time I knew I would have quite a few hours before heading to the hospital. While experiencing contractions I was walking around, trying to stay as calm and collected as possible. Jon was helpful by packing for the hospital by using my list that I got together. We arrived at the hospital around 1:30am. I was more than ready to have Emily at this point with all the pain from the contractions, but as I entered the elevator in the hospital, I got really scared. I had a sense of fear that the elevator was going to fail while taking me to the 5th floor. I couldn't wait to get out of there. It was weird because I don't have a usual fear of elevators or heights or anything like that. When the contractions began to get stronger and closer apart (2 minutes), I began thinking about the epidural. I didn't want to get one at first, but with all the pain, it was the only thing I could think of! The contractions were so painful that I was moaning, but I didn't care. Finally, I was relieved when I was told that I was already completely effaced, fully dialated. Jon told me that the baby came soon after that within 15 minutes! At that point I had a hard preception of time. I was just so thrilled to see her for the first time and hold her in my arms! After about an hour I was able to breastfeed Emily for the first time. What an experience! We also decided to bank her umbilical cord blood and everything ran smoothly. This was an amazing experience and I'm so proud to be a Mother to Emily. I'm so happy she's here!