Friday, September 15, 2006

Runway Moms!

Now is the time more than ever to be pregnant! Styles are sexier than ever before and you can show off your pregnancy curves anywhere. I couldn't think of a better time to be pregnant. I found this great site that I think Mothers-to-be should check out, especially the ones who love showing their baby bumps. Expecting Models Inc. is the one and only talent agency that represents professional models that are pregnant or nursing! How great is that! So, if you think you have what it takes (which I think everyone does!) to be a pregnant or nursing model check this site out. Unfortunately, you have to be in the New York or Los Angeles Region. ... Too bad my pregnancy fun is almost over. Ha-Ha! j/k If you don't think that modeling is something that you would want to do then head over to your TV set and click on the Discovery Health Channel to see Runway Moms! Click here to see the DHC Runway Moms show listing. Runway Moms airs 5 days a week, Monday through Friday, at 8am, 2pm, and 4pm. If you're working, Tivo it to catch an episode.

Sean Preston's 1st Big Year

I forgot to post this yesterday on Sean Preston's birthday, so I'll do it today. If you want to replay SPF's exciting first year of his life through pictures, click here, brought to you by People. It will bring back memories of all his accidents and triumphs. From almost taking a spill to Mommy's goofing around. Since I post so much about Britney, because she's so much fun to talk about, I saw this Mom Britney & Her Brood Pop quiz. Do the quiz and you'll see how much you unexplainably know about Britney. I got 5 right out of 6! I was shocked that I knew what her biggest craving was during her 2nd pregnancy! Believe it or not, if you read my blog you'll know the answers. Click here to test your Britney Mommy knowledge.

Thursday, September 14, 2006

SPF Turns 1!... Oh, And Britney Had A 2nd Baby...

As most of you know, Britney gave birth Tuesday, September 12, 2006 around 2am to a boy by Cesarean. According to reports her baby weighed in at 6lbs. and 11 ounces. I've been trying to find out more info about her new little one, like his name, but that hasn't yet surfaced. Access Hollywood has confirmed that the baby has dark curly hair and the parents (Brit & Kev) are thinking about names that start with a "J." Most of the combinations of names that they are thinking of has the middle name as "James." Initials JJF. To be quite honest, I'm writing this, but not really believing what Access Hollywood is saying. I feel like they are feeding me lies! Anyway, let's take the attention of Britney's new baby away and give it to whom deserves it most, SPF! Today is Sean Preston's first birthday, 9/14/06! And let's not let the newborn take the spotlight away from him! I am so proud that he has courageously made it to his first birthday despite all the "accidents." It was hard to hear about the high chair tumble, the two dangerous car rides, and the almost dramatic fall, but you made it. We love you Sean P! Congratulations on your 1st year! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

Nutrition in pregnancy

A woman who discovers that she is pregnant often wonders what are the 'right' foods to eat. A well-balanced diet is important for everyone and if she is already eating a healthy diet, besides adding a few extra calories, she may not need to make many changes.

She should ensure that even prior to her pregnancy, she is taking a folic acid. A diet low in folic acid increases the risk of birth defects specifically neural tube defects. These are defects of the baby's spine and brain. She should start the supplement about one month before, and continue during the first three months of pregnancy. She should also ensure that she is drinking enough water and should not wait until she is thirsty. In addition, she should ensure sufficient intake of other minerals such as iron and calcium.

Eat more calories

A healthy diet includes a variety of foods which contain proteins, carbohydrates, vitamins, minerals and fats. She will need about 300 more calories per day than usual. If she is carrying twins, her calorie needs will be increased.

A woman starting at a normal weight needs to gain between 25-35 pounds during her pregnancy. If she is underweight, this increases to 28-40 pounds and even if she is overweight she should gain 15-25 pounds.

Don't eat hot dogs

There are certain foods that she should avoid. These include alcohol, certain prescription medications (she should confirm with her doctor) and illegal drugs. She should also avoid certain types of fish such as shark, swordfish, barracuda or king mackerel. These have high levels of a kind of mercury which can be harmful to the developing baby. A certain kind of canned tuna called albacore may also be high in mercury but the chunked light tuna commonly sold locally can be eaten in small amounts.

She should also avoid unpasteurised milk, soft cheeses made with unpasteurised milk, hot dogs, luncheon meats and smoked seafood. If she does eat hot dogs and luncheon meats she should reheat them until they are steaming hot. These foods may have certain bacteria which may also be harmful to her and the baby.

Caffeine, in small amounts, (for example in a cup or two of coffee) is safe in pregnancy.

Exercise in pregnancy

Exercise has numerous health benefits and these are not limited to the non-pregnant person. If a woman is active prior to pregnancy she can continue to be active during pregnancy although she will have some limitations. Even if she has not been exercising prior to the pregnancy, it is still a good time to start. Her aim should be 30 minutes of exercise on most if not all days of the week. This does not have to be done all at once but she can gradually build up to that time.

Benefits of exercise include increased energy level, relieving constipation, leg cramps, bloating and swelling, improved mood, helping with relaxation, improved posture, promoting muscle tone and stamina, improved sleep, and controlling and possibly preventing diabetes of pregnancy. Safe exercises include walking, swimming and other low impact activities.

Avoid playing football

Certain sports should be avoided during pregnancy as they increase a pregnant woman's risk of falling. These include racquet sports, horseback riding and contact sports such as football, basketball and volleyball. Scuba diving is also unsafe in pregnancy because it may put the baby at risk for decompression sickness. Certain positions should also be avoided. She should avoid lying on her back and prolonged standing without moving.

Unfortunately, there are a number of conditions that make exercise unsafe in pregnancy, therefore, it is important that she consult with her physician prior to starting or continuing an exercise programme.

Source: Jamaica Gleaner News

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Health Tip: Bathing Your Baby

While bath time can be fun and relaxing for your newborn, you should be more concerned with keeping her safe in the tub. Here are a few suggestions, courtesy of the Lucile Packard Children's Hospital at Stanford University:
  • Newborns don't need a bath every day. Every other day is fine, as long as your baby is properly cleaned up after feedings and diaper changes.
  • Your newborn will need a sponge bath at first -- don't submerge her in water until the umbilical cord has fallen off.
  • Use a bath thermometer to be sure the water is about 90 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • Use a bath sponge or nonslip pad at the bottom of the sink or tub to keep your baby from slipping or sliding around in the water.
  • Keep your hand on the baby at all times, and never leave her unattended.
Source: Forbes

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

? OF THE WEEK: Have You Endured Painful Problems During Pregnancy?

The clock is ticking and the count down is on! My baby is coming this weekend. The doctor has reassured me that everything looks good and I'm ready to go. I can't wait! I feel more like saying, "when is this pregnancy going to end?" Because my belly is so big and I can hardly get a good nights sleep. It's been difficult for me to post as much as I use to. Within this last month I have developed Carpal Tunnel in both of my hands, so it makes it really hard to type out the posts I would like. Believe me, it takes so much longer to post. I look absolutely ridiculous when wearing these braces and I have to constantly take breaks. This Carpal Tunnel thing is a real pain! Not only am I dealing with CTS, but I recently developed a "pregnancy rash." In difficult medical term its called, PUPPP (pruritic uticarial pupules and placques of pregnancy). Well, let me just tell you what PUPPP put me through! Early this morning my rash started acting up around 3am and I start itching like crazy. I realize that I was going no where with this, so I applied my cortisone cream and laid on the bed. I really wanted to get under the covers again, but I knew if I did I would just start itching again. So, I laid there in the cold restraining from itching and trying to fall back asleep. My question is how many other Mothers have endured painful pregnancy problems? Out of the 12 symptoms I just posted, I can say that I have experienced 10! I guess I was saved from the swollen ankles and spider veins... Thank God! Have you experienced more symptoms than those above? Let me know. Some Mothers I've read have had easy pregnancies. Are you one of those Mothers who have had a symptom-free pregnancy? Or did you experience it ALL like me? ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I am very proud that I have almost made it through this pregnancy. Now the hardest part is still to come.... Giving Birth!

Monday, September 11, 2006

Reason to Hope: A Baby Is Born in NYC After 9/11

In newspapers and television programs across the country, stories are being told about September 11, 2001. Personal stories that remind you about the terrorist attack on the World Trade Centers. Today is 9/11, and I would like to share a story that reflects on the incidents that took place on that day. has an article about one Mom's story of the events of 9/11 -- and getting pregnant just days later. The Events of 9/11 I found out I was pregnant in October 2001. By all calculations, our baby was conceived a few days after 9/11.My husband, Greg, and I work in New York City -- about a 20-minute cab ride or 30-minute walk from where the World Trade Center once stood. We were already parents when we got the news that I was expecting, but this was going to be my first pregnancy. Our first child, Eleanor, was adopted from South Korea in 1998. I had also been adopted from South Korea so we had made a conscious decision to build our family through adoption. The news of my pregnancy (at age 42!!) was a big surprise, but the fact that it followed on the heels of the worst terrorist attack in U.S. history -- one Greg and I had witnessed not on TV but in real time from the window of our commuter train as we traveled to work -- gave me and my family a reason to remain strong and hopeful in the days, weeks, and months that followed. ... ------------------------------------------------------------------------- The Unthinkable Once I arrived at work and learned that the second plane had hit the south tower at 9:03 a.m. and that several other planes were reported missing, I left my office and ran as fast as I could back to Penn Station so I could get home to Eleanor. I had made several futile attempts to call Greg. The phone lines in and around New York City were overloaded for hours, even days, immediately following 9/11. As I rushed past crowds on 7th Avenue, pushing my way toward Penn Station, I saw people weeping and staggering in the opposite direction shouting, "Get out! Get out!" ... ----------------------------------------------------------------------- Giving Birth to a 9/11 Baby When you're pregnant, the passing of time takes on a new sense of urgency and wonder. Your body changes. Hormones rage. After several weeks you can no longer look down and see your own shoes! New markers like "trimesters" and "due dates" provide the context in which you live and plan your life. Because of my condition, I wasn't living by the same internal clock as my neighbors, colleagues, and friends in the days immediately following 9/11. They were counting the days, weeks, and months until everything would become "normal" again. The fact that I had gotten pregnant against overwhelming odds (women my age have about a 1 to 3 percent chance of conceiving) couldn't have happened at a more significant time. I am not a religious person nor am I someone who accepts "It was meant to be" as a reasonable explanation for many things that happen in life. Yet the miracle of my unborn child's existence was something even I couldn't deny. Greg and I hadn't planned on ever having birth children, yet here he was -- a new baby -- the most hopeful of things taking root in the hours immediately following such a monumental tragedy. ... ----------------------------------------------------------------------- Click here is read the complete story.