Friday, July 07, 2006

Russel Crowe Welcomes a Boy

Russell Crowe and his wife, Danielle Spencer, have welcomed a baby boy, the actor's rep, Grant Vandenberg, confirms to PEOPLE. Tennyson Spencer Crowe was born at 7:27 a.m. on Friday in Australia at Sydney's Royal North Shore hospital, and weighed in at 8 lbs. "Mother, father and baby are doing extremely well," Vandenberg tells PEOPLE. Crowe, 42, and Spencer, 35, are also parents to son Charles Spencer Crowe, born Dec. 21, 2003, in Sydney, Australia. Crowe and Spencer married in April 2003 at the Gladiator Oscar winner's Australian ranch. At January's Golden Globes, Crowe broke the news that they were expecting their second child, declaring on the red carpet, "Dani is pregnant again. … She's due in July." In March, he revealed that the baby was a boy, telling Jay Leno on The Tonight Show, "Just for you, Charlie is going to have a brother." Crowe said Charles was aware that a sibling was on the way. "He knows where the baby is in Mommy's tummy and knows that he was a baby once and there's another baby coming along," Crowe said. "And we said, 'Bubba, what do you want to call your brother?' and his first option was Pumpkinhead. But then the next day, he revised it and he changed it to Stinky." Crowe added that he would be in the delivery room with a video camera during the delivery of the baby. Perhaps no one has enjoyed Spencer's pregnancies as much as Crowe. When she was carrying Charles, he said on Australian TV, "Dani is 14 weeks and three days. So it is a lot of fun, and she is feeling all the effects of it." Spencer appreciated Crowe's comments, according to rep Wendy Day. "She gets his sense of humor," Day said at the time. "He actually is very attentive and sympathetic and sensitive to Danielle as she goes through her morning sickness."

Spas Just for You

Many beauty treatments and indulgences are off-limits during pregnancy because they may harm your baby. So where's an aching, tired, breakout-prone mom-to-be to go? How about a spa that's pregnancy-safe and offers treatments just for you? Edamame Maternity Spas Various locations Edamame maternity spas cater to a mom-to-be's every whim and need. Their luxurious treatments focus on the changes that are associated with pregnancy, including weight gain, bloating, swelling of the legs and feet, and stretch marks. All treatments begin with an invigorating body exfoliation to leave skin smooth and soft and treatments such as the Organic Body Mask will help diminish and prevent stretch marks. All treatments include a shoulder, neck and scalp massage. Prices vary by location. Barefoot & Pregnant Larkspur, CA This unique center will meet your pregnancy needs with specialized spa services, retail therapy, educational and exercise classes, and interactive group support. Special treatments for moms-to-be include a "facial" for your belly to soothe stretching skin, or aromatherapy for morning sickness. The spa also offers pregnancy-safe hikes, childbirth classes, and healthy meals.Treatments start at $60. The Labor Sweet package (including facial, massage, and foot revive) is $450. La Bella Spa & Salon Albuquerque, NM This luxuriant spa offers a special collection of therapies to help the body, mind, and spirit smoothly acclimate to motherhood. Special treatments include the Balancing Facial that is specifically tailored to your particular pregnancy skin changes, and a Flash Firming Wrap to moisturize your skin and reduce the formation of stretch marks.Treatments begin at $65. The Mother-to-Be package (including massage, facial, pedicure and Body in Balance treatment) is $235. Source: Maternity & Style

Thursday, July 06, 2006

Mother says baby 14 is 'blessing'

A mother of 13 children, who vowed her family was large enough, has said she is "blessed" to be pregnant again.

Tracy Lewis, 42, of Poole, Dorset, already has 12 daughters and a son and is now 12 weeks pregnant.

Her husband, Pete, 47, a self-employed coach builder, is said to be looking forward to the birth in January.

"It wouldn't work for everybody. Our children are our life and it has worked for us and we are just so blessed and lucky," Mrs Lewis said.

"I've never had any help. My husband and myself work as a team."

The family, who live in a six-bedroom house, have said money is tight, but Mrs Lewis takes time out of her customer service job to look after her children.

"You're on the go all the time, there's washing, cooking, ironing or running around like a taxi service. You don't have much time to yourself, but I enjoy it, I love it, I thrive on it," she said.

The eldest child of the Lewis family is 23-year-old Carly, followed by Tracy Jnr, 21, who is a mother of two herself, and the youngest is Porsche-Mercedes, now aged three.

Although the family attend a Catholic church, the Lewis' said their large family is not connected to their religion.

Source: BBC News

Celeb Babies on the 4th of July

Kelly Ripa and son are off on a ride, enjoying their time together.
Matt Damon with wife Luciana Bozan are out and about with daughter Isabella Damon. This is their first public appearance as a family.
Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner with Baby Violet, enjoy a nice stroll during the 4th of July weekend.

Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Another baby for Depp

Johnny Depp is planning to have another baby with long-time love Vanessa Paradis. The actor, who plays swashbuckling Captain Jack Sparrow in Pirates Of The Caribbean, says he loves being a dad. He admitted he and his French singer-actress partner are thinking of adding a third child to their brood. The 43-year-old hunk said: "I'd love to have more. Vanessa and the kids would love to have another baby around the house." The couple have a daughter, Lily-Rose, seven, and a four-year-old son, Jack. Source: The Sun

What to Say and What Not to Say to a Mother-to-Be

Understand pregnancy for what it is: A wonderful and beautiful experience, wrapped up in a colossal shift in hormones! Not only is the new mother dealing with the uncomfortable symptoms of pregnancy, but also with anxieties and fears of motherhood (not to mention feeling like a beached whale half the time!). New mothers need a tremendous amount of compassion and support throughout the nine months of pregnancy and beyond. Here are a few things to keep in mind when offering advice, support or criticism to a new mother. On the Issue of Pregnancy and Postpartum Weight: What to say (all with sincerity):
  • Honey, you look terrific!
  • Pregnancy becomes you.
  • You need to gain weight, our baby's well-being depends on it!
  • Honey, you just had a baby! You look great for just having a baby!
  • You're having our baby! That automatically makes you beautiful!
What NOT to say:
  • Wow, you're BIG for____months!
  • Well, at least people know you're pregnant!
  • Should you be eating that? You don't want to gain too much weight.
  • Hey, try breastfeeding! That should take the weight off!
  • Oh, I didn't realize you already had your baby!
On the Issue of Bottle Feeding vs. Breastfeeding What to say:
  • Let's take a breastfeeding class together.
  • I know a friend who's breastfeeding her child. I'll put you in touch with her.
  • Breastfeeding is a beautiful experience to enjoy with your baby.
  • There are lots of great formulas out there for you to choose from if breastfeeding doesn't work out for you. Talk to your doctor to find out which formula will work best for your baby.
What NOT to say:
  • Breastfeeding is for mothers who are too cheap to buy formula.
  • I wouldn't breastfeed if I were you. I tried for three months and gave up because it was too hard.
  • Formula is unhealthy for babies. He'll be sick all the time.
  • Mothers who love their babies breastfeed their babies.
  • Breastfeeding is "dirty" and perverted, especially if done in public.
On the Issue of Child Rearing What to say:
  • I would love to give you advice on anything you need. Just let me know.
  • I've got some great books on parenting. Would you like to borrow them?
  • Let's take a parenting class together. That way, we can be prepared.
  • Parenthood is challenging, but I know you'll be great at it!
  • Follow your heart. You know what's best for your child.
What NOT to say:
  • Well, here is what I (my mother, Aunt Mabel, Dr. So-and-so, etc.,) think/thinks is best for your baby.
  • This is the only book worth reading on parenting!
  • Just you wait when this baby is born; you'll see how difficult parenting is!
  • Always/Never pamper your children, give them time-outs, etc. (In fact, eradicate the words "always" and "never" from your vocabulary when discussing parenting!)
  • Well, if I were you...

Monday, July 03, 2006

Mexico Just Says No to Funky Baby Names

Oh baby! You can make it, carry it around for nine months and bring it onto the planet whenever, wherever and with whomever you’d like (theoretically, at least), but when it comes to naming it, one Mexican state says you’d better say adios to your favorite funky baby names.

Authorities in the state of Chihuahua are enforcing a new set of rules — extremely specific rules at that — on what the baby-makers can call their kiddos, KVIA reports.

It seems the state was displeased with a rash of tots running around with odd, creative and foreign names, so it decided to issue a reminder of what’s considered appropriate and what isn’t.

Among the names deemed “improper” by the state are Lluvia, which means rain, Azul, which means blue and Kevin, which means … well, who knows.

The rules dictate that if parents must name their child a foreign-sounding name, then it has to be followed by a Spanish middle name, like Maria.

And there’s more.

Parents who dare to be different by tricking up the spelling of a name better think twice — only “common spellings” are going to fly.

But bewildered baby-namers should know: the government insists it's not out to steal their moniker-making thunder, rather they’re just trying to prevent the kids from a lifetime of ridicule and legal troubles.

Source: Fox News

What is everyone's thoughts? I can't imagine having restrictions and what names I can use to name my baby! That is just crazy! If I want my child to have an uncommon name that may cause ridicule, that is my choice!

Do you agree with the Mexican City, Chihuahua's choice? "Someone has to save these children from being made from of!" Or do you think if you carried your baby around for nine months you should name it whatever you please?

Pregnancy Tips: Stay Fit, Safe When Exercising in the Summer Heat

Tips for pregnant women to stay healthy when exercising during the summer:

• Stay hydrated. Pregnant women in all states require more fluids, especially when they are exercising in the heat.

• Shoes that fit properly also are key, since pregnant women’s feet tend to swell, and grow even larger when they are warm.

• Wearing two sports bras might relieve some of the pain of exercising, as a pregnant woman’s breasts often grow larger.

• Be careful when stretching. When a woman is pregnant, a hormone causes the loosening of the ligaments of her body. It’s designed so the pelvis can open more during childbirth, but it also can loosen the ligaments of the knees and hips. She says pregnant women should avoid stretching to the point of resistance.

• Monitor your heart rate. Watch for signs of dizziness, excess heat release, increasing fatigue and a "racing" heart or irregular heart rate.

For more information, visit these Web sites: U-M Smart Moms: Exercise tips

Family Doctor: What You Can Do for a Healthy Pregnancy

NIH’s Fit for Two: Tips for Pregnancy