Friday, May 05, 2006

2 1/2 Weeks Post Partum!

For the first time after two and half weeks since giving birth, Katie Holmes is out at the Mission Impossible premiere in Los Angeles. When I saw these photos I must say that she is looking great. "We're looking forward to seeing this," Cruise told reporters. "This is Katie's first night out since we had Suri."

Is Anna Nicole Really Pregnant?

Acccording to People Anna-Nicole Smith may be pregnant, her attorney said Thursday. Then again, she may not be. It seems that she is playing with the media about the idea that she is or isn't pregnant. With all the pregnancy rumors going around in Hollywood this just could be another rumor. “If Anna Nicole is pregnant she obviously doesn’t want anybody to know yet,” Howard K. Stern said in a written statement. “If she is not pregnant she’s not denying the rumor because she thinks its funny how much of a stir it’s causing.” “She’ll leave it up to you to guess which one it is,” Stern said. “But note to all media: Please stop sending reporters and camera crews to her house because that really does cross the line of being overly invasive.” Published reports surfaced this week that Smith, 38, — who Monday won a Supreme Court decision giving her another chance to collect millions of dollars left behind by her late Texas oil tycoon husband — was pregnant by an unidentified man. Stern declined to elaborate beyond his cryptic statement.

Thursday, May 04, 2006

63-Year-Old Woman To Be Britain's Oldest Mother To Give Birth

Dr. Patricia Rashbrook, 63, from England, will become Britain's oldest mother to give birth. Dr. Rashbrook was treated by Severino Antinori, a controversial fertility doctor, at an undisclosed European country. Dr. Antinori, who has a fertility clinic in Rome, considers 63 to be the age-limit for IVF treatment. Dr. Rashbrook, a psychiatrist, is seven months pregnant. She already has two grown-up children from a previous marriage. She says she is very happy to be pregnant. In a statement, Dr. Rashbrook and her husband said "A great deal of thought has been given to planning and providing for the child's present and future well-being, medically, socially and materially. We are very happy to have given life to an already much-loved baby, and our wish now is to give him the peace and security he needs…. We will therefore welcome a return to an undisturbed family life, in order that the well-being of both mother and child may continue to be promoted. We have greatly valued the warm support shown to us by family, friends and colleagues." According to Dr. Antinori, older people make better parents. He says he only considers treating people who are likely to have at least 20 years of life left. He says Dr. Rashbrook, after extensive medical tests, was a suitable healthy candidate for treatment. Dr. Antinori says Dr. Rashbrook and her husband had come to him three years ago about fertility treatment. He says age is not the issue when he assesses a couple for treatment - it is the health of the mother that matters. A fertilised donor egg was implanted into Dr. Rashbrook's womb. UK law does not set any age limit on fertility treatment. The decision on whether or not a person should be treated is left to the doctor(s). Fertility doctors in the UK will not usually consider treating a women who is more than 45 years' old. When an older women gets pregnant her risks of developing hypertension, diabetes and problems with the placenta are higher, when compared to a young woman who gets pregnant. The world record is held by Adriana Iliescu, from Romania - she had a baby girl last year when she was 66.

The Pre-Partum Blues

Nearly one quarter of pregnant women experience hormonal depression. Similar to stress, it can result in the delivery of an underweight or premature baby and increase mom's chances of developing post-partum depression. The following are ways to prevent depression before it starts:
  • Talk to your partner about your worries and fears. Work on building a stronger relationship with your partner.
  • Take time to relax.
  • Exercise regularly and eat a well-balanced diet to stay physically healthy and emotionally grounded.
  • Spend time with family and friends and draw on their emotional support.
  • Put off any changes that can be stressful such as moving or renovating the house.
  • Keep an journal to express your feelings and emotions.
Note: Contact your healthcare provider immediately if you have been experiencing the following symptoms: extreme anxiety, difficulty concentrating, insomnia, lost of interest in activities you enjoy, exaggerated mood swings, or thoughts of hurting yourself or others.

Study: US mothers deserve $134,121 in salary

On Yahoo! News I saw an article saying that a full-time stay at home mother deserves $134,121 in salary! Please read the full story: NEW YORK (Reuters) - A full-time stay-at-home mother would earn $134,121 a year if paid for all her work, an amount similar to a top U.S. ad executive, a marketing director or a judge, according to a study released Wednesday. A mother who works outside the home would earn an extra $85,876 annually on top of her actual wages for the work she does at home, according to the study by Waltham, Massachusetts-based compensation experts To reach the projected pay figures, the survey calculated the earning power of the 10 jobs respondents said most closely comprise a mother's role -- housekeeper, day-care teacher, cook, computer operator, laundry machine operator, janitor, facilities manager, van driver, chief executive and psychologist. "You can't put a dollar value on it. It's worth a lot more," said Kristen Krauss, 35, as she hurriedly packed her four children, all aged under 8, into a minivan in New York while searching frantically for her keys. "Just look at me." Employed mothers reported spending on average 44 hours a week at their outside job and 49.8 hours at their home job, while the stay-at-home mother worked 91.6 hours a week, it showed. An estimated 5.6 million women in the United States are stay-at-home mothers with children under age 15, according to the most recent U.S. NOT 'JUST A MOM' "It's good to acknowledge the job that's being done, and that it's not that these women are settling for 'just a mom,"' said Bill Coleman, senior vice president of compensation at "They are actually doing an awful lot." According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, some 26 million women with children under age 18 work in the nation's paid labor force. Both employed and stay-at-home mothers said the lowest-paying job of housekeeper was their most common role, with employed mothers working 7.2 hours a week as housekeeper and stay-at-home mothers working 22.1 hours in that role. "Every husband I've ever spoken to said, 'I'm keeping my job. You keep yours.' It's a tough one," said Gillian Forrest, 39, a stay-at-home mother of 22-month-old Alex in New York. "I don't know if you could put a dollar amount on it but it would be nice to get something." To compile its study, surveyed about 400 mothers online over the last two months. offers a Web site ( where mothers can calculate what they could be paid, based on how many children they have, where they live and other factors. The site will produce a printable document that looks like a paycheck, Coleman said. "It's obviously not negotiable," he said. On average, the mother who works outside the house earns a base pay of $62,798 for a 40-hour at-home work week and $23,078 in overtime; a stay-at-home mother earned a base pay of $45,697 and $88,424 in overtime, it said. In a study conducted last year, stay-at-home mothers earned $131,471. The potential earnings of mothers who work outside the home was not calculated in the previous study.

Wednesday, May 03, 2006

A Pregnant Mother Of Our Community Needs Your Advice!

I received this email and would like to share it with everyone. Dena, who is pregnant, needs your help and advice. Please comment and give her support, especially if you have experienced this during your pregnancy. Thank You. Hi, My name is Dena. My husband and I were at our 20 week appointment and my OB told us that our baby boy has a calcium deposited in the left ventricle of his heart. Now on Wednesday we have to go to a specialist and I am a high risk pregnancy. They are going to do a focus genetic test. When I looked online I saw that this was a sign of down-syndrome but my blood came back negative and his measurements are all great. So the doctor told us not to worry. We are freaking out! So if any one else has gone through this please e-mail me and let me know the results good or bad, please. I will also write back after my appointment with the specialist on Wednesday to let any one who want to know, know my results. Thanks for your time, Dena and little Damieon If you have a question or would like to share a story about your pregnancy please write me at We are here to support each through happy, exciting, sad and frustrating times.

Brendan Fraser and wife welcome baby

Actor Brendan Fraser and his wife, Afton Smith, welcomed their third child at Cedars Sinai hospital in Los Angeles Tuesday. The sex of the newest Fraser was not immediately known, US Weekly reported on its Web site. A source at the hospital, however, said mother and baby were resting comfortably. Fraser, 37, and Smith, 38, married in 1998 and have two boys, Griffin, 3, and Holden, who will be 2 in August. Fraser was most recently seen in the Academy Award-winning film, 'Crash.' Congratulations Fraser Family!

Plan Your Babies For Autumn

British researches have revealed that babies born in spring may face increased risk of committing suicide. Researchers studied 26,916 suicides in England and Wales and found that babies born in April, May or June had a 17 per cent higher risk of committing suicide as compared to those born in autumn. The study by researchers from St Helen's and Liverpool University and the Institute of Child Health at University College, London, which was published in the British Journal of Psychiatry, found that several diseases were linked to seasons. Nearly 30 per cent more suicides were committed among women by those born in spring. Among men, the rate was nearly 14 per cent higher than those born in autumn. The researchers suggested that the increased risk reflected the fact that more people with alcoholism, depression and mood disorders are born in these months. "We are born all the same but some of us are more vulnerable than others to certain diseases," they said. Scientists have established seasonal birth trends for a number of diseases, including some cancers, heart disease and brain tumours. The authors said, "Our results support the hypothesis that there is a seasonal effect in the monthly birth rates of people who kill themselves and that there is a disproportionate excess of such people born between late spring and midsummer compared with the other months."

Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Week 21

PregnancyWeekly says: This is day number 144 and you're 21 weeks pregnant! You have 136 days or 19 weeks left, and are 52.5% of the way there.

I've been noticing that my belly button is starting to change. My once cute little innie is slowly turning into an outie. It's not a complete outie yet, but I can see that its starting to become one. Its great. People are beginning to say that I have a pregnant glow and I really enjoy hearing that.

I realized that now, before it gets too late, is time to look into Lamaze classes. I know that it's too early to start taking classes, but never to early to look into different types of classes. I really need to do some research. The thought of giving birth still makes me really nervous. Therefore I need to find the right class to ease my nerves. Hopefully, by taking Lamaze classes I will be more secure with having this baby.

Wow, I really feel like their is so much involved. So much that its beyond me. Can I do everything perfectly? Am I fit to be a mother? ... I guess its really not a good idea to start doubting myself now.

Every time I pass by a school I can't help but to imagine my child going to that school and how time can pass so quickly. Before I know it I'm thinking about having grandchildren! I have to snap myself out of it. If I see a group of kids playing I imagine one of those kids to be mine. I'm such a dork that I'm addicted to Nanny 911 and Super Nanny. I watch the show like I'm attending a "How to discpline your children" seminar. I study each episode as if I will be tested on it later. I'm obsessed with thought of being a perfect mother!!!

I'm really no Mary Poppins. I should face reality! But how do I stop this?!

Halliwell to choose traditional name for baby

Geri Hallowell, former Spice Girl, is ready to give birth any day now and rumour has it a baby boy is on the way. But the former Spice Girl won’t be following in the footsteps of pal Victoria Beckham by choosing a fancy name like Brooklyn, Romeo or Cruz – Geri’s pondering a “traditional name”. A source told Closer magazine: “Geri’s been secretly working out names - she’s known all along she's having a boy.“She’s totally ecstatic about the news and doesn’t want to be deemed a ‘silly celebrity’ by giving the child a ridiculous name.”

Germany to give mothers a year's paid maternity leave

Don't you wish this was the case here? In Germany, the government has said that it will give women a year's paid maternity leave. This would also apply for the other parent for two months! This is to encourage more woman to have children because of Germany's low birth rate. I'm moving to Germany... The German government said on Tuesday that it had agreed to give women a year's paid maternity leave and their partners two months in a bid to boost one of Europe's lowest birth rates. It means that the primary care-giver, normally the mother, would be entitled to 67 percent of her salary for 12 months, Ronald Pofalla, secretary-general of Chancellor Angela Merkel's Christian Democrats, said. The same rule would then apply to the other parent for two more months. Up to now, women have only been entitled to six weeks of paid maternity leave. Pofolla said that the law would apply from January 1, 2007, pending approval by parliament - considered a formality as the leftright ruling coalition has a large majority. The law is the brainchild of Christian Democrat Family Minister Ursula von der Leyen, a mother of seven, and is a bid to encourage Germans to have more children. Germany's birth rate is close to the bottom of the scale for Europe at an average of 1.37 children per woman. "This is a paradigm shift in terms of family policy," said Hubertus Heil, the secretary-general of the Social Democrats, the other party in Merkel's coalition. "It will support families who have children and help those who want children to take a decision to have them." The decision represents a victory for the Social Democrats who had pressed for 12 months of paid leave for mothers, whereas von der Leyen and Merkel had favored 10 months. It is expected that the new paid measures will cost the government around €4 billion ($5 billion) a year. The coalition partners also said that they had agreed on a new wealth tax that would raise income tax by 3 percent for single people earning more than €250,000 per year and for couples earning more than €500,000 annually. The tax hike would also apply from January next year.

Monday, May 01, 2006

Is A Second Baby Shower TACKY?

A first-time Mother expects to have a Baby Shower. This event is usually thrown by friends and/or family and takes place a few months before the mother-to-be gives birth. A Baby Shower is a party that guests attend and give gifts or money to the expectant mother. This event is intended to help the new parent(s) with things they need for the newborn. Such as the necessary diapers, food, clothes, crib, accessories, more clothes that they'll soon grown out of, and did I mention diapers. A baby shower is clearly helpful. But what do you think about 2nd time-around-mothers? Mothers who already had their first baby, but are looking to be showered with gifts with their second. Do you think its alright to have more than one baby shower? Or is it just plain tacky and cheap? I have thrown a baby shower for my girlfriend before. It is a time for the women in her life to celebrate the forth coming of her new baby. Plus, the gifts will help the family get ready for the new addition without putting a complete hole in their pocket. Everyone knows that having a baby is a big expense and not everyone can afford it. Well, in that case why not give baby showers to mothers who are expecting their second. I've heard others mention a time period. How many years in between each child is it okay to have another baby shower? 3, 5, 10 years? So, what do you think? Is it tacky and cheap to have more than one baby shower? Or is it okay to accept as many gifts because having a child is a big enough expense in the long run and those gifts will surely help.

Pics of Celebs with their Babies

Thanks to People Magazine for supplying the newest pictures of celebs with their babies. Since marrying Demi Moore, Ashton Kutcher has taken the role of being step-daddy to his wife's three daughters, Rumer (left), Scout and Tallulah (not pictured). He took them out to a Lakers-Suns game. This is a pic of Denise Richards with her two-year-old daughter Sam on Thursday in Los Angeles. She looks to be in a pretty good mood, even though she is going through nasty divorce with ex, Charlie Sheen. Uma Thurman had some playtime with 4-year-old son Roan. She enjoyed the day in Central Park in New York City on Thursday. This is one of the few pictures that has been taken with Jennifer Garner and 5-month-old baby Violet. In this pic mother and daughter were boarding a private plane in Los Angeles for a quick escape. Garner tells People Magazine that she wants to spend time being a "good old-fashioned mommy" since Alias is coming to an end onMay 22nd.


A type of bacteria found in certain food, listeria, can be harmful to a pregnant woman and her unborn baby. But rest assured, it can be avoided by following these safety tips:
  • Clean you refrigerator regularly.

  • Avoid eating hot dogs or deli meats unless they are reheated until steaming hot.

  • Avoid consuming diary products that are not pasteurized or labeled.

  • Use hard cheese.

  • If you use soft cheeses such as Feta, Brie, Camembert, Roquefort, and Mexican soft cheese make sure they are cooked until boiling. Soft cheeses like mozzarella, cream cheese, and cottage cheese are safe to eat.

  • Avoid refrigerated meat spreads.

  • Choose perishable, precooked foods or shelf-stable items.