Friday, April 07, 2006

Health Tip: If Your Baby Has a Fever

(HealthDay News) -- According to the American Academy of Pediatrics, your child needs to see a doctor if he is less than 2 months old and has a rectal temperature of 100.4 or higher. If your child is 6 months or older, he needs to see a doctor if he has a fever above 101 degrees Fahrenheit. If a trip to the doctor isn't warranted, here are a few tips to keep your baby comfortable until his fever breaks: -If your baby is at least 6 months old, give him acetaminophen or ibuprofen in approved doses to bring the fever down. You should not give your baby aspirin. -Keep the room at a cool temperature, and keep the baby dressed in light, comfortable clothing. -Make sure he drinks plenty of fluids, including water, diluted juice or prepackaged children's drinks with electrolytes. -Do not sponge your baby in cold water or add alcohol to water in an attempt to bring the fever down faster. You should take your child to the pediatrician if your child is less than 2 years old and has had a fever for more than 24 hours, or more than 72 hours if your child is age 2 or older, the academy says.

Few Women Take Pregnancy leave in California

According to a study published in the UC Berkeley News, only one in three working women who qualify for pregnancy leave in California take advantage of it. This study was conducted by researchers at University of California, Berkeley. Women who do take pregnancy leave in California take it just mostly out of necessity. "What struck us most is that so few women do think about taking leave," said the study's lead author, Sylvia Guendelman, a professor of maternal and child health in UC Berkeley's School of Public Health. "And when they do, it's because they have to, not because they want to." It was found that 52 percent of the women worked up to the time of delivery, while only 32 percent took pregnancy leave. Another nine percent quit their jobs before delivery. Most women who take the leave because they are feeling fatigued, stressed or are having complications. "There are a number of other take-home lessons from the study, Guendelman said. One is that women who have a strong attachment to their work or who are afraid of sacrificing career advancement opportunities seem to be more likely to work through their pregnancies. And employers should note, she added, that if they want to boost worker retention, offering benefits like pregnancy leave or health insurance would be a good place to start."

Thursday, April 06, 2006

Is Avril Lavigne Pregnant & Married?

Canadian singer Avril Lavigne has plenty of speculation surrounding her personal life of late. There are reports are that she is planning a secret wedding and may be pregnant! Life might get a little more complicated for Avril Lavigne. The singer, 21, who’s engaged to Sum 41’s Deryck Whibley, 25, went out of her way to hide a suspicious belly bump while eating at the Beverly Grand restaurant in LA on March 13 - and he’s been wearing what appears to be a wedding band. “She insisted on putting on her jacket before she got out of the car,” says an eyewitness. “When she did get out, it was like, ‘Whoa,' she looks so pregnant!’” It looks like "punk chick" Avril Lavigne's hellraiser days are over. We're told she's planning a summer wedding with Sum 41 singer Deryck Whibley.

Pregnancy Weekly Guest Writer- Ann

Twelve years ago I was pregnant with my first child. I was working and too busy for exercise. I was eating everything in sight. No one could have warned me about salt intake because I was young enough to think I already had all of the answers. This would explain the swelling. You know the kind I am talking about, fingers too big for wedding rings, ankles hanging over my shoes, my face swollen to twice its natural size. Over the course of the pregnancy I gain 50 pounds and in the end I was miserable. Two years later when I became pregnant with my second child I was quite a bit smarter. I exercised two days a week at least. I cut out all salt and in general I stayed pretty healthy. I was at least more comfortable than I had been with my son and I only gained 25 pounds. But I still looked huge everywhere. Looking back on it that is part of what has changed. While looking through the photos of that pregnancy I can’t see the body for all of the clothes. Clothes that resembled tents more than apparel. This was before the days of Rachel Green and the oh so cute maternity clothes. So I say again what a difference twelve or even ten years makes. For the past ten years I have been an athlete in training. I have run marathons, ultramarathons and triathlons. I have trained five and six days a week for most of those ten years. I have watched what I ate and I have learned from my mistakes (hopefully). In October of last year I ran the Marine Corps Marathon. For a week after the race I was exhausted. I didn’t start my period. I was starving and did I mention I was exhausted? But all of these things could be explained by the marathon, right? Right. Until the morning sickness started and I knew right away. Let the differences begin. The first difference was my reaction. It was neither elation nor disappointment. It was more along the lines of disbelief. With my first two I was thrilled. I couldn’t wait. I could imagine their beautiful faces the moment I found out I was pregnant. I was a full four months pregnant with this one before I could really admit I was pregnant. My husband wanted to tell everybody and we did and they were thrilled. How strange that felt, the absolute joy on other people’s faces as I sat for four months in shock. And there’s another difference. Four months before we told anybody or before they noticed? Are you kidding me? I was showing with the first two within a month and by four months I was very clearly pregnant. This one took a full five months before people noticed and even so the comments I was getting were odder than any I got with the first two. “You don’t even look pregnant, you just look like you have gas?” Is that a compliment? “So, um, are you still running?” This last one from someone who didn’t know I was pregnant but could tell I had gained weight. I know that I am twelve years older. I know that I no longer work and my life is different. I know that the two children I have are as different as night and day so I should have known that there would be differences in the pregnancies but I had no clue what a difference twelve years could make.

Baby Weekly Tips

A new baby means lots of love, affection, and celebration. A new baby can also mean sleepless nights, anxiety, and stress. For the new parents out there, PregnancyWeekly has just launched its new Baby Tips Newsletter to help you handle the every day challenges of taking care of you newborn baby. Baby Tips newsletters are delivered conveniently to your email inbox each week of your baby’s first year, helping you to be the best mother you can be. Since this is my first baby, I will find these baby tips quite useful. I didn't even know what jaundice (yellowing coloring of the baby's eyes and skin) was until my niece was born. Do you know that within the first few days of birth many newborns, especially preemies, develop jaundice? Interested in receiving Baby Tips newsletters? If you are a member of Pregnancy Weekly, go to “My Newsletter” and make sure the Baby Tips box is checked! (You must be logged in) Not a member? Sign up and start receiving your free personalized pregnancy and baby website and newsletters. Good Luck to all the new parents out there!

Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Cord Blood Banking

So, I've been on Yahoo! a lot lately and I found Yahoo! Answers. I was looking up questions that a future mother, like myself, would like to know answers to. One of the most common questions and curiosities for a woman about to give birth is whether to save, donate, or just waste their baby's cord blood stem cells. Imagine my parents coming across this issue! Over 30 years ago no one could ever imagine that a parents dilemma would be to pay money to save their baby's cord blood stem cells for their family's health security. Is it worth doing it? I have read quite a few articles about cord blood stem cells and they seem very prosperous in treating many terminally ill diseases . Right now cord blood stem cells can cure leukemia, lymphoma, sickle cell, etc. Reading this may seem like the right thing to do, without question. Who wouldn't want to take the opportunity to save the stem cells in case your baby or a family member might develope a terminally ill disease and need a cure? For many families money plays a huge factor on whether you want to save or not. If you are looking to donate and not save many hospitals don't offer that option! It could be quite frustrating if this is something that you are hoping to do. Donating isn't necessarily free too. Your Doctor may charge you a collection fee, which can be up to $200. Most cord blood banks will reimburse that money. Donating does will not hold the the stem cell blood for your family, instead it will give it to someone who might need it. This is a great opportunity to help save someone's life. If your family doesn't have an history of a terminally ill disease, such as cancer, maybe it would be best to donate. If everyone donated and not wasted their cord blood, imagine how many more lives can be saved! Not everyone can use each other's stem cells. This is well known. Therefore, their is a matching factor that make things difficult. If the stem cells do not match they cannot be used. This can go for anyone, even people within your family. People further away from your immediate family can find slim chances to have a match. It is important to know that biracial babies will have a more difficult time to find an exact match. This is something that I am too looking into. Should I bank my baby's cord blood or donate? If I do bank which bank is best? Can I donate at my hospital? Next time I visit my Doctor I'm sure to ask a bunch of questions. I'm sure there are brochures that I can take for more info. This is an important decision to make. Save or donate, I just don't agree with wasting.

Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Fit Pregnancy

I don't know how many women out there have checked out It's great site for pregnant mother's who are interested in health and fitness. There are a good amount of topics to choose from. The site deals individually with the mother, the baby, and as a family. Fit Pregnancy's overall focus is on HEALTH- food, nutrition, relationships, exercise, style, etc. They help answer concerns, such as, "What you need to do to have a healthy baby," "How to be a healthy mother" and "How do I obtain an active lifestyle." The site includes workout routines, which I find very useful. I just recently found this site and I really like it! It deals with the most important topics that a mother needs to know to carry a healthy lifestyle with her new baby. I feel like this site gets straight to the point and the content is continually updated with new articles. The site includes trivia, polls, enter-to-win, sweepstakes/promotions, and a fitpregnancy club that I also subscribed to. I really wanted to share this site with all the Pregnancy Weekly mothers!

Week 17

This is day number 116 and I'm 17 weeks pregnant!

I'm feeling Good. Yep, I've been in a pretty good mood lately. This pregnancy feels like it's sort of moving along. But I am so emotional that its crazy! I have never felt this way. Where's the directions to the insane asylum? Because I'm about headed there. I'm too emotional to socialize in public. Oh, by the way, my new favorite channel is Lifetime. Love the movies!

The other day after dinner my husband and I were cleaning up and I asked him to throw out the trash. He said that he would do it later because their was a basketball game on TV that he didn't want to miss. Something that I don't care too much about. Anyway, I got so upset that he wouldn't do it right then and there that I began to cry. I went on to say that he doesn't care about me and my needs. (Like throwing out the trash is an important personal need!). I just wanted to get the kitchen clean and didn't want it to smell like garbage. I even cried out, "You don't love" and "You don't find me beautiful anymore!" Just to upset me more he just smiled, laughed and began to apologize in a sweet voice. Then he took out the garbage. I began crying even more because I felt like an idiot for making such a big deal!

By the way, I have not felt the baby move yet. Anytime I get indigestion or gas or anything I stop to see if it could be my baby. The Doctor said that I should feel my baby move any day now and that everything is normal. I feel like I'm stressing myself out about this. I know that can't be good for the baby.

We decided, my husband and I, that we will not find out the baby's sex until birth. I just think that would be even more exciting. Now, we just need to narrow down on a boy's and girl's name.

Fetal Development: This is a period of rapid growth as the fat begins to form underneath the baby's skin. Baby and placenta are about equal in size now. The tiny heart is pumping as much as 25 quarts of blood a day! The reflexes are probably in place now as the baby sucks, swallows and blinks!

Maternal Changes: The uterus is about 1 1/2 to 2 inches below your belly button. The baby is going through a growth spurt and chances are, you may be gaining too! Average weight gain is between five and ten pounds at this point. Feeling fluttering in your uterus means that you may be feeling your baby move... any time now!

Monday, April 03, 2006

Gwyneth Paltrow Eating Sushi and Drinking Beer

Since this is my first pregnancy, I'm playing it safe. I quit smoking, drinking, and eating most types of fish. Meanwhile, Gywneth Paltrow finds it safe to be drinking a Guinness and dining on Sushi last Tuesday night with her husband Chris Martin in New York City. Maybe because this is her second child, she is more confident on what she can and can't do while pregnant. I on the other hand, am being as precautious as possible, because I don't want to do anything that could harm my baby. From my forming posting about fish, it could be very harmful to the baby when eating raw fish because of the excessive amounts of mercury. I am sure that she spoke to a doctor before eating the fish and drinking the beer. But it seems that the media might be making a big deal about this. What do you all think? Is it okay for her to drink a beer and eat some raw fish or is she being completely foolish not caring about the health of her soon to be second baby?

Ticking of the Biological Clock

Since women are getting married later in life, they are having children later as well. It is not uncommon to hear women getting married in their 30s. Unlike many years ago a woman would be considered to be a hopeless case. I was in my early thirties when I got married for the first time. Now in my mid thirties I am pregnant with my first. Back in the day I would have been considered an old maid, right!? According to the Centers for Disease Control's National Center for Health Statistics, the number of first births to women aged 35-39 reached an all time high in the year 2000. Birth reates for women in their forties has also been consistently rising, reaching its record high in the same year. Therefore, I don't feel alone. With the statistics rising with the increase of age in women and infertility, so has the risk of bearing children with Down's syndrome. It's not unusual for someone to get too busy or get stuck in a comfortable relationship or simply wait it out, assuming that a family would come easily later on. I just found it difficult to meet someone in my twenties and want to have their baby. Now that I am older, I feel that I am ready and more comfortable with where I am in my life. If you want to read the complete story and read other comments, check out Yahoo! Health.