Friday, March 17, 2006

Interested in Some More Old Wives' Tales...

Here are more Pregnancy Myths. Below are the top 10 most common myths. This is taken from the book, Pregnancy for Dummies, by Dr. Joanne Stone and Keith Eddleman. The Spicy Food Fraud Spicy food will bring on labor. "For the most part, pregnant women can eat just about anything, but there are certain foods that we tell them to look out for, or to try and avoid," says Dr. Stone. Those include very soft cheeses, unpasteurized cheeses and raw-milk cheese. Though rare, they may contain a bacteria called lysteria that has been associated with miscarriage or pre-term labor. The Fetal Heart Rate Fallacy If your baby's heart is low, you're carrying a boy. If it's high, it's a girl. The You-Can't-Be-Too Careful Yarn If a pregnant woman raises her hands above her head, she'll choke her baby. The Steamy Sex Superstition Making mad, passionate love will induce labor. "Sex is not going to cause you to go into labor, but we tell people to go ahead anyway," says Dr. Stone. "It's worth trying." The Old Heartburn Harangue If a pregnant woman has frequent heartburn, her baby will have a full head of hair. The Sty-in-the-Eye-Lie Those who deny a pregnant woman the food she craves will get a sty in their eye. The Ugly Stick Trick If a pregnant woman sees something ugly or horrible, her baby will be ugly. "That one's wrong on two counts — one is there's no scientific evidence, but number two is that there's no such thing as an ugly baby," says Dr. Eddleman. The Old Java Jive A baby born with light brown birthmarks (known as cafe au lait spots), the mother drank too much coffee or had unfulfilled cravings during her pregnancy. Again, a myth! The Gender Bender If a pregnant woman's face breaks out, she is carrying a girl who will steal all of her mother's beauty. Says Dr. Stone: "The thing about it is that it's so chauvinistic — why is it that a girl's going to steal her mother's beauty? — anyway, it's not true, it's ridiculous. The Poor Complexion Connection A woman who carries wide, is having a girl. A woman who carried forward, is having a boy. "It's a common myth, but it's not true," says Dr. Eddleman. While these are entertaining, they are not all true...

Urban Legends & Myths

Aspirin and Getting Pregnant Some believe that taking aspirin before or after sex will help hinder pregnancy. This is completely untrue. Aspirin might help with heart disease, but it has no effect on pregnancy. So take those aspirin if you want to keep your heart healthy - but if you're trying to avoid pregnancy, use contraceptives. Breastfeeding and Pregnancy It might seem like an old wives' tale, but breastfeeding really does lower your chances of pregnancy. It does not PREVENT pregnancy though, so take precautiouns unless you wish to be pregnant again.When a woman is breastfeeding, her body is releasing hormones. This depresses the woman's ovulation cycle, sometimes even preventing ovulations. The more the baby breastfeeds, the more the cycle is disrupted. Still, no small disruptions are 100% certain. So if your aim is not to get pregnant again for a while, be sure you use appropriate contraceptives! Douching with Sprite can Prevent Pregnancy This urban legend claims if the girl douches with Sprite, 7-Up, Coca-cola or another carbonated drink that she can wash sperm out of her. This simply isn't true. First off, if you don't know what douching is, it in essence means you wash your 'vaginal canal' out with water. It's a completely unnecessary act, but modern companies have tried to convince females that to get rid of their 'feminine smell' they had to buy specially formulated douches to wash out their vaginal walls. However, your vagina is NOT your uterus. Your vagina is simply the pathway the male's sex organ uses to start the sperm going TOWARDS the girl's uterus. The opening between the vagina and the uterus is the cervix, and it's very small. While the sperm wiggle their way through it and get into the uterus, to find the egg, things like Coke and Sprite don't. And thank goodness for that! With all the chemicals and sugars in those drinks, the LAST thing you want inside your body is something like Coke. Who knows what molds and bacteria would grow as a result. So hold off on the inane douching with carbonated beverages. It won't do ANY good about sperm being inside you - and could cause you all sorts of discomfort if it encourages yeast or bacteria to grow. Getting Pregnant During your Period There's an urban legend that you can't get pregnant during your period. Because a woman's cycle is not 100% predictable, there is never a perfectly safe period as far as pregnancy goes. Normally, your body goes through a set cycle. It starts with an egg being released from your egg sac and heading down the fallopean tube. It ends up in the uterus, where it waits to get fertilized by a sperm and turn into a baby. If that happens, then it latches onto the uterus wall and develops for 9 months, normal pregnancy. But if no sperm comes along, the egg and the uterus lining flushes away through your vagina, and that is your period. Then a new egg is released from your egg sac and the cycle starts all over again. So on one hand, having sperm enter your uterus while the lining is being flushed isn't the IDEAL time for pregnancy. There isn't a uterine lining waiting for the new baby, there isn't necessarily an egg waiting there to be impregnanted. However, a woman's cycle isn't always that nice and steady - especially for teenagers and young adults. Eggs can easily be released at odd times. There could easily be another egg coming down the tube that is just waiting for a sperm, and the new baby could be there, waiting, when the next lining is formed for it. Also, sperm are very hearty. They can easily last 5 days or more. So the sperm can simply sit there in the uterus, waiting for the next egg to come down the chute. When it does, they hook up with it, create the baby, and now you're pregnant. So no matter what point in your cycle you are, if you don't want to get pregnant, use protection!

Thursday, March 16, 2006

Top 5 Most and Least Envied Celeb Moms

2,000 mothers were surveyed on and asked what were their most and least envied celeb Moms: Top 5 most envied: 1. Reese Witherspoon 2. Julia Roberts 3. Jennifer Garner 4. Gwyneth Paltrow 5. Kelly Ripa Top 5 least envied: 1. Britney Spears 2. Helen Hunt 3. J.K. Rowling 4. Victoria Beckham 5. Liv Tyler I can see why some of these celeb moms are or aren't envied. Check out the New-Mom Envy on

Jennie Garth Expecting Third Child

Do you remember her when was really young on 90210? She played Kelly who got a nose job in the first episode. Okay, I know I'm dating myself. Anyway, Jennie Garth, now 33 years old, is pregnant once again and she looks as beautiful as ever. Jennie Garth is expecting her third child with actor-husband Peter Facinelli, 32, Us Magazine reports. They were married in 2001. "Peter and I feel very blessed with our children," Garth says. "We didn't plan any one of them, but higher forces and recognizing priorities helped us along the way. We can't wait to meet this newest addition to our family." The couple have two daughters, Lola Ray, 3, and Luca Bella, 8. Its nice to hear her back in the media and doing well. I wish her the best of luck throughout her pregnancy.

Britney On Changing Diapers

When I read this I couldn't believe that it was true. Our new mommy of six months, Britney Spears, had another awful display of manners. She was eating in a fancy restaurant in Los Angeles and shocked other diners by changing her son Sean Preston's diaper on the dining table. Where are her manners? One witness said, "It was disgusting. Someone else has got to eat at that table. Yuck." The restaurant manager was quoted saying, "It's Britney Spears. What can we do?" Obviously she grossed out fellow diners, which is extremely rude and lacks table etiquette. I would have been just as horrified as the diners to see anyone clean up their baby's bottom while I was eating. Wouldn't it be better if she did what a normal mother would do and go to the restroom? Is their anyone who thinks what she did is appropriate? Did the restroom not provide a baby area for the pop star to change her little one? I am interested in hearing other people's opinions on this topic.

Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Pregnancy Weekly Guest Writer- Bianca

I have a lovely 23 month old her name is sara and i am now pregnant. I would like to share with you my story.

I was 6 weeks pregnant and i noticed i had some bleeding so i went to my doctor. He sent me to have a urgent ultrasound. I went to my ultrasound appointment with my mother and husband, while i was laying on the bed, i asked "so how is my baby " he then turned the screen to me and said "you have a healthy baby." I was so relieved and then he continued to say "and there is another healthy baby." I looked at him in shock, i couldn't speak i looked over at my mother and saw her almost on the floor in shock as well, and my husband jumped up and said "I AM THE MAN " it took a while to sink in that in 8 moths i was going to have twins . The twins are in separate bags witch means there are two placentas.

I am now 16 weeks and i am bigger than a normal pregnant woman. I look like six months i am already finding it hard to get of the couch, but thank god i have lots of people to help me. I am a bit scared of what is ahead of me when i found out i was pregnant. I thought ok its not so bad, i am having a baby and i also have sara... but now i know i am having two. What i am worried about is when it comes to feeding time how am i going to breastfeed both at the same time or who do i feed and change first but i know it can be done and i also have to think about Sara and by the time the twins come she will be entering her terrible two's. Although i think she is already there.

The twins are due on sara's birthday, which is nice, but in the end its all worth it when you hold your baby for the first time. That's the best feeling anyway. Back is starting to hurt so i better go.

Good luck with your pregnancies

Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Exercise At Work

If you're anything like me and you sit behind a desk eight hours a day staring at a computer screen, then you're probably in need of an energy boost. On Pregnancy Weekly you can find more regular exercise tips for pregnant women. I found some energy boosting tips for pregnant women in the work place. Do you know that sitting in front of a computer at the office can strip you of your energy? These are good ways to keep your energy up: -Maintain good posture -Do some stretches and deep breathing exercises to relieve tension and stress. -Give your head and shoulders a massage, placing gentle pressure on the shoulders and base of the skull -Squeeze a stess ball to relieve tension and build hand and arm muscles -Hand deliver messages and choose face-to-face conversations instead of using e-mail or the phone -Close your eyes, sit up straight, and clear your mind of any distractions. Spend five minutes meditating at your desk -Take a refreshing walk outside during your lunch break or park your car further from your workplace. I hope these help! I just started doing it and I just can't get over the meditating part! Its just so relaxing!

Monday, March 13, 2006

Week 14

I'm now on my 14th week of pregnancy! At this point I feel like I should be further along. I'm only on week 14!?! That's what I really feel like saying. With all the pregnancy symptoms, sometimes I just want a break from it all. I need to find ways to keep my energy up. I'm so lazy at work. When I get there is when I'm ready to go home and lye down. I'm also starting to eat more, which is a good sign. Every once in a while I'll crave something cheesy. I love cheese and its nice to eat it without having it exit the way it came in.

Fetal Development for week 14: At this point my baby should be around 31/2 inches long and 1 to 2 ounces. My baby is beginning to practice the inhale and exhale movements. While the neck is growning longer, the ears and eyes continue to grow into place and the chin no longer rests on his/her chest. My baby is beginning to move its hands (reflexing).

Maternal Changes: At this stage in your pregnancy you might notice that your breasts and nipples look different. Your areolas may have become enlarged and darker. Also, you might notice a dark line that runs from your belly button to the top of your pubic bone, called linea negra. This line has always been there, but during your pregnancy it becomes darker. These changes are due to hormonal fluctuations. If you what more information on linea negra and skin changes check out