Tuesday, February 07, 2006

PregnancyWeekly Guest Comedian- Carrie

A husband and wife were expecting their first child. Around the 6th month, the wife decided to stop working as to prepare for the baby. Her husband had other ideas. He came to her one evening as she was putting the groceries away and stated......"Woman, now that you are barefoot and pregnant and staying at home, things will change around here. First off, with all your free time there are a few things I expect. I expect to have a gourmet dinner on the table when I get home from work. After I am done eating, I expect to be served a sumptuous dessert. After the dessert, we are going into the bedroom to have sex the way I like it. Then you will run me a hot bath so that I can relax a bit. You will wash my hair and scrub my back for me as well as rub my feet. When it is time to get out, you will dry me off. Do you want to guess who will be getting me dressed and combing my hair for me?"The wife replied, "The damn funeral director would be my guess!"

Car Seat Safety

Its still too early in my pregnancy, first trimester, to start thinking about things to buy for my baby's care... well, maybe not. But a car seat might be one of them. To be completely honest, I'm hoping to get some great gifts if I have a baby shower! Cross my fingers! That way a lot of pressure to purchase baby gear will be off me. Check out this link to see some great, safe car seats for your baby: http://www.maxi-cosi.com/ Oh, Britney: I'm not one to really talk about celebrity gossip, but once I saw this picture I just had to post it in my lastest entry. Unfortunately, Britney Spears doesn't find it Extremely Dangerous to drive with your baby on your lap. Babies should never ride in the front seat and never hold your baby in your lap while driving! Apparently, Britney Spears drove with her bodyguard to Starbucks while her baby was in his car seat in the back. When the body guard went inside to get the drinks she took him out of his car seat. Photographers approached the car and began harrassing her. When the bodyguard got back into the car she drove off with her baby on her lap. Not the greatest idea! She put her baby in harm. Here's an important link to children's car seat safety guide: http://pediatrics.about.com/library/car_seats/blsecure_car_seats.htm

Monday, February 06, 2006


I am the sort of person who feels guilty if I don't go to the gym and get in a good workout at least a few times a week. Since I've reached my 9 weeks of pregnancy, I've continued to workout, but with the conscience that I have a baby growing inside me. Its a wonderful experience to know that you are creating another being, but very important to take the right precautions and not overdue it!

If you have no medical problems with your pregnancy, regular physical activity (30 minutes per day, most days of the week), can help you have a more comfortable pregnancy and labor. It also helps to lower your risk for having health problems like high blood pressure and gestational diabetes. And you will have an easier time getting back into a healthy body shape and weight after the birth.

Normal, low-impact activities, like walking and swimming, that don't involve a lot of bouncing, stretching your muscles to their greatest extent, or deeply bending your joints, are good for you. Because your connective tissues stretch much more easily during pregnancy, high impact or high resistance exercises that involve a lot of bouncing and extreme muscle stretching can increase your risk of joint injury. If you haven't exercised regularly before becoming pregnant, you can still begin an exercise program. Just start slowly and progress gradually. Talk with your doctor first about what types of exercise or activities are best for you.

One type of exercise that can help your muscles prepare for delivery, help support your uterus during pregnancy, and help you to control your urine are pelvic floor exercises (also called Kegel exercises). Pelvic muscles are the same ones you use to stop and start your flow of urine. You can do this exercise standing, sitting, or lying down.

Kegel Exercises tighten the pelvic floor muscles for five seconds, then relax. Repeat 10 times. You can also talk with your doctor about how to do this exercise.

Friday, February 03, 2006

The Importance of Brushing Your Teeth When Pregnant

A pregnant woman's teeth and gums need special care. We know that pregnant women with gum disease problems are much more likely to have premature babies with low-birth weight. This may result from the transfer of bacterial microbes in the mother's mouth to the baby during the third trimester of pregnancy. The microbes can reach the baby through the placenta (a temporary organ joining the mother and fetus which supplies the fetus with blood and nutrients), through the amniotic fluid (fluid around the fetus), and through the layer of tissues in the mother's stomach. Every expectant mother should have a complete oral exam prior to or very early in pregnancy. All needed dental work should be managed early, because having urgent treatment during pregnancy, while possible, can present risks. Interventions can be started to control risks for gum inflammation and disease. This also is the best time to change habits that may affect the health of teeth and gums, and the health of the baby. Remember to tell your dentist that you are pregnant! Brush with a soft toothbrush and floss gently at least twice a day.

Thursday, February 02, 2006

Pregnancy and Varicose Veins

Varicose veins! Gross. I hate them. I've had varicose veins before I got pregnant and I can't imagine getting more during my pregnancy. They are on the back of my calf on my left leg. I wish that they would just disappear. Their are treatments, but I never looked into them. I was thinking that if I got more I would definitely look into treating them! It is very likely that women develope varicose veins during pregnancy, because the pressure on the large veins behind the uterus causes the blood to slow in its return to the heart. This can cause varicose veins in the legs or even hemorrhoids! That can be worse! In case that anyone doesn't know what varicose veins are they look like swollen veins raised above the surface of the skin. They can be twisted or bulging, and are dark purple or blue in color. They are mostly found in the backs of calves or on the inside of the leg, and could be located anywhere from the groin to the ankle. A good way to prevent varicose veins during pregnancy is by avoiding tight knee-highs or garters. Also, sitting with your legs and feet raised when possible. If you are like me and work at a desk eight hours a day, you can prop your feet on a footstool, box or several books. Even relaxing at home, keep your feet up on a footstool, some pillows on the couch, or another chair. I'm going to purchase a footstool right away. I never thought about using one before, but more varicose veins is something that I don't need!

Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Angela Bassett Welcomes Twins!

I was just searching online and I saw an article stating that the actress, Angela Bassett, is a proud parent of twins, a boy and a girl. The twins were born on Friday, January 24, 2006. This is the first for the couple. This is a very exciting time for them. The children were born to a surrogate mother. "I thought I would have the option to bear children in my forties as long as I was healthy and took care of myself, but I don't. My body decided what it was going to do. I was unable to carry, but there are other ways you can have children," Bassett said. It is great to see that they are ready for a new chapter in their lives. Especially, taking care of two little ones it will be an adventure! I wish her the best of luck with whats ahead.