Friday, January 13, 2006

Yes, I'm Pregnant!!!

I'm finally pregnant!!! Oh, boy! I have been trying for some time now. My biological clock was ticking, not like I wanted anyone to know. I was so ready to hear some baby news. I found out earlier this week, on Tuesday to be exact, and this is the happiest news EVER! I'm really excited, but nervous at same time. Knowing that after I give birth my life won't ever be the same again. I'll have a little buddy with me! On Sunday I took two pregnancy tests at home and they came out positive, but I wanted to be absolutely sure, so I went in for a blood test at the clinic on Monday. I felt like time went in slow motion and I couldn't wait to recieve the results! When they come out positive I was exhilarated!!! I wanted to scream! I was so excited about the news that I just wanted to run and tell my husband, Jon. But I knew that I wanted to tell him in a clever way. I was having a baby for Pete's Sake! Not wasting too much time I ran to the store and purchased a "Congratulations on your new Baby" card. I addressed the inside of the card to "Daddy, I'll see you in nine months" signed "your little baby" and dropped it in the mailbox. (I was too excited to think of doing anything that wouldn't inform him that day). Everyday from work he gets the mail before entering the house, so I knew that he would see it right when he got home. I was inside pacing back and forth just waiting to hear his keys unlock the front door. As he entered the house he had the card opened in one hand with a huge smile on his face!!! By the way, I'm 5 weeks down the road and it looks like my due date is September 15, 2006! If you have an interesting story please let me know and you could be a PregnancyWeekly guest writer. Email me at Or feel free to comment, love to hear the support!

Thursday, January 12, 2006

Moving On & Introducing Debby

I was going through my archives the other day and I realized that I've been blogging for about a year now. Wow...imagine that. Time has truly flown by. I feel like the past few weeks I've been somewhat of a slacker and I do apologize for that. There has been big changes in our house. Dh has accepted a new (and amazing) job overseas and we have been scrambling to move all of our life's posessions, sell our house and say goodbye to friends and family. And now I have to say goodbye to all of you. I have enjoyed reading your blogs and I have enjoyed updating this blog immensely. It has been a real pleasure. Life is bittersweet and on the sweet side, I am pleased to announce the new PregnancyWeekly blogger. Debby is currently pregnant with her first so she's just starting this road of pregnancy. While giving updates as to her pregnancy, she'll continue to post about anything and everything pregnancy related. Please help me welcome Debby and maybe you could offer any piece of advice you might have for her whether it's about blogging or about pregnancy. (Feel free to shoot her an email at debbyblogs @ I'm still accessing email so feel free to send email (pw_blog_kat @ and hopefully Debby will let me guest blog every now and then. I don't like good byes so for now, I'll just say see you later...

Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Angelina Pregnant

You see, I just spoke to soon with my celeb rant yesterday. According to People magazine, Angelina and Brad are indeed expecting!

Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Fun Baby Facts!

I love random facts of knowledge especially when it comes to the amazing facts of newborns and babies. You never know when these types of facts could come handy! For instance, did you know that...

- Babies don't have kneecaps when they are born. They only develop during the latter half of the first year - At birth, a child's feet have 22 partially formed bones; by the time the child turms 18, each foot has 26 fully formed bones. - The average toddler takes 176 steps per minute. - A typical new born will double its weight by 6 months and triple it by the first year. - Babies eyes don't produce tears until the baby is between 3 and 6 weeks old. - The foundation networking of the brain's synapses is nearly complete after the rapid brain development of the first three years. - The more stimulating experiences you can give your baby, the more circuitry is built for enhanced learning in the future. - The number of connections in the brain can increase or decrease by 25% depending on the environment and stimulation. -Shortly after birth, infants can discriminate among a large number of sounds that occur in many languages. -At 7 days a baby can distinguish his mother's voice, by 14 days he can recognise his father's voice. -Babies gradually develop a preference for the sounds of their native tongue. -In the second half of the first year, babies start paying less attention to subtle differences in pronunciation and more attention to whole words and phrases. -The rhythms of speech become attractive, helping them remember words they hear frequently. -Babies who hear lots of words will understand more words and perhaps begin to speak sooner. -"Sign language" is emerging as another way for babies to communicate, even if they don't have hearing or developmental problems. -Babies have a define preference for high contrast images, like geometric shapes in black, white and red. -A newborn baby focuses best at 25cm from the bridge of his nose- the distance from his mothers breast to his mother's eyes. -Visual stimulation can produce developmental advantages including enhanced curiosity, attentiveness and concentration. -Newborn babies have an acute sense of smell, which enables them to recognise the natural scent, or pheromones, from their mother's body. -Too much sensory input can make babies miserable. During the first six months of life, babies start co-ordinating the use of their senses. If sounds collide with movements or vice versa, it's difficult for the baby to sort out the confusion. When he can't make sense of it, the baby gets annoyed.

Why I'm Glad I'm Not a Celebrity

If you google "pregnancy" these days, often times you pull up stories on "reliable" resources (note sarcasm) that say that Lindsay Lohan is/isn't pregnant. Or that the Brad/Angelina pregnancy watch is on. Headlines scream out: Who's Pregnant! Who's Not Pregnant! And I'll admit that I enjoy a flip through a magazine to see what's going on in pop culture and true, I have my "favorite" celebrities. But it seems to me there's a fine line when maybe we should just pay attention to perhaps what's going on in other parts of the world aside from the celeb world. I've said it before and I'll say it again. Being a celebrity and having your every move photographed, documented and causing large speculation would drive me completely insane. I say stop the pregnancy watch! Stop caring if a friend was carrying a pregnancy test to a hospital. Perhaps it's an unfounded rant of mine because one could argue that these are "public" people but I'll stand by my annoyance. What's your take on celebs these days?