Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Seal and Heidi Welcome a Baby Boy

Just a day short of Turkey Day, Heidi Klum gave birth to a boy, Johan Riley Fyodor Taiwo. The baby boy was born through a C-section birth. It seems that C-sections are quite popular amongst celebrities. I heard its easy to get a C-Section and a tummy tuck immediately after, since you're already cut open. Don't know if it's true, but it doesn't surprise me. In Heidi's case she did not have a C-section with her first two. I haven't heard if she elected to have a C-section or if she had complications that required her to have one with Johan. In Seal's blog, (in case you were wondering he has one too) he opened up about Mommy and Baby:
Mama and baby are doing great. She is so good at having babies, I feel so blessed and fortunate to have a wife like her, they are both so beautiful. Leni and Henryboy were both so excited seeing him yesterday. It's amazing how much he looks like Leni when she was born. I mean, he is completely different looking from Henryboy so as Lauren put it, he will surely look more like HK as he grows. He is so precious and really hasn't been that noisy on his first night spent on earth. Wow! what an amazing experience to have been a part of. There are some cool things coming to seal.com. I plan to make a few adjustments to the layout of the site to make the blog section easier to interact with. Just trying out a few different backend technologies with Charles who has been just brilliant btw. Going to have a kind of 'seal report' tv section where I just blab on about things I'm into and perhaps more interestingly, things I'm not into. Thanks for all the kind wishes that you guys keep sending us. You're all the best fans anyone could ever have..... I really mean that. Speak later, S
Congratulations to both of them! Yay!