Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Hospital sued over baby swap

Nothing like some crazy news in the morning to start your day! Everyone has to check this out! Imagine having a baby and the hospital mistakenly swapps your baby with another, but only discovering the swapp 15 years later! The drama continued with one of the couples getting a divorce thinking the baby was conceived through an extramarital affair! Wow! Wouldn't you sue the hospital? _________________________________________________ TWO families are suing a hospital in Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region for mistakenly swapping their newborn babies 15 years ago, seeking about one million yuan (US$125,000) in compensation. The baby swap led to the divorce of one of the couples, because the husband thought "their son" was born of an extramarital affair, the China News Service reported. A district court in Nanning, the regional capital, has accepted the case, the report said. The two boys were born at the hospital on November 15, 1991. Following the hospital's requirement, the two babies were kept under observation for seven days before the parents were allowed to take them home, the report said. The alleged mistake was not discovered until May 2005 when one couple, a man identified as Lu and his wife, went to a local legal testing center, where they were told after a parental test that they were not the biological parents of the boy. They did the test because the couple found in a 2004 exam the boy's blood type was different from theirs. Source: Shanghaidaily