Friday, November 10, 2006

Can Working Mothers Have It All?

Tonight ABC's 20/20 is doing a segment on working Moms and if they can really have it all. Is it possible for a Mother to truly balance family and career? 20/20's Elizabeth Vargas, who is also a working Mother, reports about the difficulties that working Moms face when returning back to work while balancing a family life. Not only does she try to give an overall view of working Mothers in this nation, but she also gives her side of the story.
When ABC annouced that I would be stepping odwn this past summer as the co-anchor of "World News Tonight," there were a lot of people who felt this was a bad precedent for working Moms. Women's organizations protested to my bosses at ABC, and columnists debated the message my job would send. For me, though, giving up the anchor chair at the evening news, and returning exclusively to anchor "20/20" was the right decision. I loved my job at "World News," but the prospect of doing it well, and still finding time to be a good mother to 3-year-old Zachary and my new baby, Samuel, felt impossible. Anchoring "20/20" gives me a lot more flexibility to be a good parent.
I think this news segment will be very interesting to check out, especially for women who are balancing work and family. 20/20 airs at 10pm on Friday. On ABC's website there is special video clip of proud Mother and news anchor, Elizabeth Vargas, with her newborn, Samuel.