Thursday, December 22, 2005

A Festivus For the Rest of Us!

To all the readers out there, may I wish you a... Merry Christmas Bonne Fetes Felices Fiestas Happy Hanukkah Happy Holidays Good Tidings and A Happy New Year! - I'd like to leave you with a Dear Abby letter that appeared a few weeks ago. Dear Abby: I am 8 years old, and I have a question that has bothered me for months. Is Santa Claus a real person, and if not, why does everyone say he is? And if Santa Claus ISN'T real, where do all the letters go? - Confused in Kingston, N.Y. Dear Confused: Santa Claus is more than a human being. Santa Claus is the living symbol of selfless giving, handed down from one generation to the next. In 1897, a girl named Virginia asked the same question in a newspaper. A very wise newspaper editor, Frank Church, wrote in reply: "Yes, Virginia, there is a Santa Claus. . . . The most real things in the world are those which neither children nor men can see. . . . Thank God, he (Santa Claus) lives, and he lives forever. A thousand years from now - nay, 10 times 10,000 years from now, he will continue to make glad the heart of childhood." Letters to Santa Claus go where every other letter goes - directly to the U.S. Postal Service, which makes sure the letters reach their destination regardless of "rain, hail, sleet or snow." Read on for a testimony from a true believer:

Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Dooce is a Glamour Do!

I received my Glamour magazine the other day (a magazine that I subscribe to along with a million other magazines) and last night as I was flipping through, who did I spot on the glossy pages? One of my favorite and daily reads, Dooce. It was for an "article" on blogging and I put that in quotes because as cool as it was to feature female bloggers, I was immensely disappointed. It had short *short* descriptions of different bloggers - one who was fired from blogging (not Dooce), one who blogged about her honeymoon, and quite frankly I can't remember the rest. I wanted an in depth article about blogging and how it has changed the aspects of Internet in regards to women (it *is* a women's magazine after all) but it didn't. But it was nice to see a fellow mommy blogger as the lead gal and of course, Chuck at her feet which in book, is the perfect accessory for a Glamour do.

Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Best of Blog Awards

The Second Annual Best of Blogs is open for nominations so go and nominate a blog! The categories where I'll be making my own nominations?Best Daddy Blog, Best Mommy Blog, and Best Adoption/Fertility Blog. If anything, this will be a great place to find some new reading material for your blog rolls. And of course, feel free to nomination the PregnancyWeekly blog. :)

Get Ready for the PregnancyWeekly Shirts

Yesterday in my beloved San Francisco Chronicle, there was an article about bloggers (!) who are mothers (!) who are making some cash selling tshirts and other merchandise with their blog name being the key design. Featured in the article was two of my daily reads: Dooce and Fussy. Actually let me back up - it was about bloggers making money which happened to include two of my daily reads. But talk about worlds colliding. This is a paper I read with my coffee and blogs I read at work. Sure blogs are about whatever you make it, but why not make it into a money making space as well? If your traffic and readership is high, then I might consider screen printing some tshirts...

Monday, December 19, 2005

PregnancyWeekly Guest Writer - Heather!

One of my resolutions for New Years is to get my act together in organizing all these stories you guys are sending me for the blog. Until then, here is a fabulous story from Heather who those of you in your 2nd trimester might enjoy as it is her "Ode to My 2nd Trimester." Thanks Heather! - “It will be such a subtle difference,” the physician’s assistant told me. “One night you’ll realize you can stay up and watch the 11 o’ clock news and the next morning you won’t feel nauseas, it’s MUCH better” she says, smiling…I reach my swollen fingers out and thankfully the knuckles are so puffy I can’t strangle her…not tired, not nauseas… “You can come in now Mrs. Roycroft” These are the things I fantasize about while spending useless hours in the waiting room once a month now. Whereas at night, lying in bed, I fantasize about epidurals and blood and will I be a good mom and will my husband still find me attractive when all this is over and for the love of god, when can I have a drink??? Ok, deep breaths. Topping the list this month for “Reasons to Adopt” include: profuse sweating, despite the 2 degree weather here in Upstate NY, the cost of maternity clothes that are suitable for work, affordable and filter all the farts I am desperate to cover up in the office-although at home I notice my husband has stopped sitting near me on the couch as my filtering there is not so good. The chapters in “What to Expect” that begin with “How You May be Feeling” that are causing anxiety worthy of Prozac-if not a shot of Jack, thinking of how all our family Christmas pictures are turning out at this point when all I am is fat, not cute at all-don’t you ladies wanna kill those people??? Hello-I am FAT. Just shut up about it and don’t try to make me feel better while I stuff Oreos in my face. So, the last visit to the doctor, we get to hear the heartbeat. Momentous for many reasons, 2 friends this month miscarried and although some days I wish this baby were someone else’s-I also wanted to hear that ticker pumping, ya know? Also because my parents were visiting from out of town and they came in with my husband and I to listen…instead my dad was so nervous from being in a room with a “funny recliner with little pads for your feet like that” that he was joking with the doctor so much we hardly heard it. On the way out, we schedule the sonogram..ultrasound…what’s the difference??? I ask, “Do I need to have a full bladder again?” Oh no, the receptionist reassures me, this is the transvaginal one, no uncomfortable water drinking. Oh thank heavens I say, what’s more uncomfortable that drinking too much water? OH I know!!! Pick me, Pick me!! How about a camera in your crotch?? I bet that’s it!!! Sigh. Til next time ladies, keep the ziplock baggies of vegetables handy and the secret stash of Cheetos handier…

Glad That I Didn't Win a Stinky Diaper Award

From BabyTalk magazine - the annual anti-mom celebrities who won Stinky Diaper awards. Glad that I didn't win one! But who did? The "Glow to Hell" award goes to...Bill MaherIn October's issue of Men's Health magazine, he wrote, "'Being pregnant is sexy.' No, it's not. 'She's glowing.' No, she's sweating. You're not gorgeous, you're pregnant. You're not sexy. You were sexy. That's what got you pregnant." Bill, when we enter our ninth month, we will squash you like a bug. The "Dad Got a Better Offer" award goes to...Kevin FederlineThe Britney Spears-smitten backup dancer left girlfriend Shar Jackson round of belly and birth-coachless. Federline also had a daughter with Jackson (Kori, now 3); second child Kaleb was born in July '04. But by then, K-Fed was then making beautiful music with Brit -- their son, Sean Preston, came in September. The "Malnourished Mom" award goes to...Liz HurleyLast January, Hurley told the London press that she slimmed down after having her son, Damien, now 3, by "eating very little breakfast, and not too much more lunch. Then only tiny snacks in the day, like a banana or six raisins. The only meal I have is dinner." Comments like this fuel the notion that we should be at pre-preggers weight as soon as the epidural wears off -- without chefs, personal trainers, babysitters, and all the stuff stars take for granted. The "Spilt Milk" award goes to...Barbara WaltersIn May, Walters spouted on The View that sitting near a nursing mother on a plane had made her "nervous" and "uncomfortable." In response, nearly 200 breastfeeding supporters staged a "nurse-in" outside ABC's NYC headquarters. Barbara, we love you. But you've got to stay hip to women's issues! (Walters later said there was a misunderstanding. "Nobody here is against breastfeeding," she told PEOPLE in June.) The "Nanny Says It's Time for Bed" award goes to...Jude Law & Daisy WrightAs if his cheating on off-again, on-again fiancée Sienna Miller weren't bad enough, Law's partner in infidelity was his children's nanny, Wright -- who confessed that one of Law's kids caught them in the act, according to an August story in PEOPLE. When the child told his mother, she fired Wright. Sounds like a real case of Nanny 911. The "Man Imitates Toddler" award goes to...Russell CroweAfter hurling a telephone at an NYC hotel clerk last June, this father of a no-doubt impressionable 2-year-old named Charles dashed the efforts of parents everywhere at teaching their kids that we don't throw stuff at people when we're mad. At least he didn't bite the officer who arrested him. And the Stinkiest Diaper of the Year? The "Preaching to the Postpartum" award goes to...Tom CruiseNow that Tom and his fiancée, Katie Holmes, have proven wrong pooh-poohers of their romance by announcing they've got a little Scientologist on the way, we wonder where Cruise stands on the L. Ron Hubbard-imposed practice of a "silent birth," which forbids talking, screaming, or moaning in the delivery room. Regardless, Dr. Tom gets a giant stack of Stinky Diapers for an Access Hollywood interview last May, in which he knocked Brooke Shields for taking the antidepressant Paxil for her postpartum depression. "You can use vitamins to help a woman through those things," Cruise said. Let's hope Holmes gets a little more compassion from her bigmouthed man. What do you think? Were these diapers appropriately given out?

Health Tips for Santa

I read this today on WebMd and thought it was funny. Perhaps we should really leave Santa a nice green salad rather than cookies and milk...