Thursday, November 17, 2005

Would You Believe a Psychic?

I read this today: (AHN) - A psychic has told new mom Britney Spears she will become pregnant next year. The blonde singer, who had her first baby Sean Preston with husband Kevin Federline earlier this year, told friends the medium predicted she would be expecting again within six months, according to America's In Touch Weekly magazine. The thrilled star allegedly seeks regular advice from a psychic about her future. Earlier this month, Britney and Kevin were at the center of break-up rumors. The new mom had reportedly demanded a trial separation and was said to have kicked her husband out of their Malibu home after a blazing row over his constant partying, according to US reports. However, the pop beauty's spokeswoman, Lesley Sloane Zelnick, insisted the couple's marriage was fine. Would you believe a psychic if they told you that you would be pregnant? A wacky pregnancy story!

Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Gas, Bloating, Pregnancy, Oh MY!

Gas and bloating are common problems during pregnancy. Here are some foods to avoid while pregnant to help eliminate excessive gas production: beans broccoli brussel sprouts cabbage cauliflower green peppers onions I'd just make a big stir fry!

Tuesday, November 15, 2005

PregnancyWeekly Guest Writer - Nicole!

Nicole sent this great article about the dream of motherhood. Thanks Nicole for such a touching post. - Dreaming of motherhood While some pregnant women face nausea, fatigue, or breast tenderness as the key feature of their first trimester, my chief complaint was having crazy, wacky dreams. There were vivid dreams that I had given birth to a puppy or made out with some dorky guy from high school. I would wake up in the morning exhausted, shaking my head and wondering, "Where in the world did that come from?" Perhaps these dreams were a way of working through my anxiety about pregnancy and becoming a mother. Like everyone else, I worried about everything. What if I have a miscarriage? What if there is something wrong with the baby? What if I have to go on bed rest? What if something goes wrong during the delivery? What if I can't breastfeed? What if, what if, what if! Luckily, the answer came to me in my dreams. One night, instead of the usual parade of nuttiness from my subconscious came a glorious dream that I will never forget, that in some ways transitioned me to motherhood very early in my pregnancy. I was sitting in a rocking chair, holding a beautiful baby across my chest, nursing her. With the slow motion camera of the dream world, I examined the curve of her cheeks, the flutter of her eyelashes in and out of sleep, and the flare of her tiny nostrils against my breast. The warmth of a little body pressed against mine persisted even as I awoke. It is clear to me now that this dream child was the tiny person growing in my womb. That this child was my daughter Claire, and that she was healthy and happy and growing. More importantly, however, was the image I saw of myself: a mother, caring and nurturing, trusting of her instincts and abilities. In the dream I was not simply a woman holding a baby, I was a mother with her baby, a relationship different than any other. I could do it. I can do it still.

Monday, November 14, 2005

PregnancyWeekly Guest Writer - Debra!

Happy Monday to everyone! Don't the weekends fly by these days? I've received more wonderful and fabulously funny articles for the blog - I love it! Keep them coming! Thanks to Debra for today's post! - I was reading through the pregnancy blogs this morning, and all of them are so wonderfully inspirational, or frightening, and as always, like in the movies, everything comes out fine in the end. What I want to share with you, however, is how I overcame one of my delivery fears with my first daughter... All of the books and journals tell you all the things that you need to be concerned about in your delivery. Don't do this, because this will happen. Don't do that, because of this. Yadda, yadda, yadda. One of my main fears - sounds stupid, but here it is -I was afraid that while I was delivering Amethyst, i would, well, for lack of better words, um...poop on the doctor. Yes, sounds silly doesn't it? It was embarrassing enough for me to think that my family would be staring at parts of me that I hold most private, while I writhe on the table trying to pass a new living being into the world, and to add insult to injury I can inadvertantly empty my bowels at the same time??? I DON'T THINK SO!!! Freaked me out something fierce, the idea of that. When you're pregnant, the weirdest things grab hold of you and I wasn't worried about the usual issues and possible complications that can happen in delivery. I was worried about that! I decided about a month before delivery that I was going to look FORWARD to it. I was going to help it happen, welcome this with open arms, and like the soft music in the birthing room, it would be part of my labor plan. February 3rd came, and I started my contractions at about 7pm. Ever seen a cat getting ready to drop it's litter? I was like that. Maniacally happy, between contractions, all over the place and getting everything taken care of. Then my husband and I went to Shari's for dinner. Suggested meals for pre-delivery? Salad. Jell-O. Thin soup. Broth. Weak Tea. MMMMMMMM it all sounds soooo yummy, doesn't it? Heck no. I started in on my 'labor plan' and had me a double bacon-mushroom-swiss burger with all the fixin's, fries, a sprite, and mozzarella sticks. Yes, I shoveled that all down between contractions, with Amethyst dancing inside me all the time, little feet beating a tattoo on my lungs. Went to the hospital at 4am, got my epidural at about 8 and delivered her at 9:30am. One healthy 9 lb., 5oz. girl, two parents, one husband, 8 assisting nurses, one anastesiologist, and one delivering doctor - much to my dismay, all completely poo-free. Boy was I hurting the next day when I had to use the loo! I'm pregnant right now, second child, about 3 months along. I tell you what, I am not going to be eating like that again. My worst fear did NOT come true, but the nightmare that followed was worse than the delivery, i promise you that!!