Friday, November 04, 2005

PregnancyWeekly Guest Writer - Melissa!

Happy Friday everyone! Thanks to Melissa for being the guest writer of the day!


My name is Melissa. I have a nearly five year old daughter "Kim" from a previous relationship, and am now 22 weeks pregnant with my husband's child. We were very excited for the ultrasound to finally take place, as this will be our last child (his only biological child), and both of us were hopeful for a boy. Kim also was hoping for a baby brother. I had not found out the sex when I was pregnant with Kim and was excited to be able to do shopping and have a sex appropriate shower for this baby.

We finally scheduled the ultrasound, and the day of the appointment I was sitting with dh, Kim, my mom, and my mil, and was explaining to Kim about the ultrasound. It is a hard concept to impart to a four year old, no matter how bright the child is, that the doctor is going to look at the baby inside mommy's tummy.

We were called back, and the ultrasound began. The technician took all of the photos that she needed, and then we called Kim and the grandmas back to see. It was obviously not what Kim was expecting, as she acted kind of scared at first and wanted to be held; she didn't want to look at the screen. Then the technician informed us that there was a 95% certainty we were having a girl. I asked Kim what she thought about having a baby sister, and Kim said, "Mom, you're not having a baby... you're having a turtle". She was seeing the line of the spinal column on the computer screen and she was seeing a turtle shell!

Later that evening after Kim had gone to bed, I asked my husband if he wasn't too disappointed at not being able to have a son. He smiled at me and said, "No honey, I'll be happy as long as our baby is healthy, happy, and not a turtle".

Seatbelts and Airbags, Oh My!

If you wear your lap belt imcorrectly (over the dome of your uterus), it can significantly increase pressure on your baby and may lead to fetal injury during an accident. However, it's important that you buckle up. So, here are some ways to ease your comfort while keeping you and your baby safe: - Place the lap belt below your abdomen, across your hips. - Lay the shoulder belt diagonally between your breasts. - Make sure that both the lap and shoulder restraints are as snug as possible without being uncomfortable. - You should always keep at least 10 inches between the airbag cover (steering wheel or dashboard) and your breastbone; however, you must also be able to maintain full control of your car at this distance. You may need to move and/or tilt your seat back to achieve this.

Thursday, November 03, 2005

PregnancyWeekly Guest Writer - Sherri!

Sherri sent me a great article to post on this blog - thank you Sherri! Sherri is honest about her experience of pregnancy and it reminds us that pregnancy isn't always sunshine and rainbows but in the end - all that you go through is totally worth it. It’s all worth it, in the end Depending on who we are as individuals, i.e. how strong we are, what we can tolerate, out thresholds, pregnancy may be tricky. For myself it was infection after infection, preterm contractions, multiple hospital visits, and a final test, my water broke two months before my daughters due date. What did this mean for me? (A two-month stay in the hospital.) Why? According to my GYN, once a woman’s water breaks and she is not in active labor, the amniotic fluid can and does regenerate enabling her to possibly sustain the pregnancy. This means lots of bed rest and in my case that meant in the hospital. A woman may also be prone for infection once the water breaks but she is not considered to be in labor. Thankfully, my doctors were able to sustain the pregnancy to full term in which ironically they ended up inducing me at 38 weeks. After grueling days in the hospital, contractions, emotions, anxiety, and roommates (I had my share of pregnant roommates, but that’s a whole other blog) it was definitely all worth it! At 38 weeks my beautiful little girl Emma Kate came into this world. All the anxiety, and trouble that this little beauty had caused me turned into pure bliss. I seemed to forget everything. Emma was born “the perfect child”, as all new mommies will tell you about their new ones. Moral of the story, here I am two years later pregnant again, and yes we planned it! Just because one pregnancy is bad does not mean the next will be and if it is, in the end, it is all worth it to know that you brought such a beautiful life into the world. Emma is now two years old and she is my best friend. My husband calls her my shadow. We do everything together; she truly is my best pal. In my opinion, this is a great pregnancy story because as I have already mentioned I brought a healthy little girl into the world. This is just one of the various pregnancy compilations that may occur. We must realize as woman, once we make the commitment to pregnancy we are expected to see and feel changes throughout our systems. It may be a horrific morning sickness, gaining too much weight, ending up in the hospital, being put on bed rest, gestational diabetes, etc and yes having the perfect pregnancy. We are all different but in the end nine months may seem like a long time. It is really not once we deliver.

Are You on My Space? Friendster?

If you're one of those online savvy expectant parents and are on My Space or Friendster - come check out PregnancyWeekly! We've got profiles on both. To see our profile on Friendster- you have to be a member, but to our MySpace profile -click HERE. If you're not currently signed up - I encourage you to do so! It's a great way to connect with friends and stay current. We just launched this and we're hoping to build up our community of new and expectant parents and families!

Pregnancy True or False Revealed

1) Pregnancy makes your feet get bigger. - How many of you had swollen and bigger feet during pregnancy? True! 2) Morning sickness happens only in the morning. False! I got sick so many times at night! 3) After you have the baby, bunches of your hair fall out (before the stress of parenting even kicks in). This is actually true. With your hormones continually being wacky - you might shed a few more hairs. 4) A dark pigmented line running down your belly shows the doctor or midwife where to look for baby as he/she grows inside of you. - This is somewhat of a trick question - because although you might grow a linea negra - it doesn't mean it shows where the baby is growing. 5) Only fathers fear the impending loss of freedom (and sleep) and increased responsibility the baby will bring. - False obviously!

Wednesday, November 02, 2005

PregnancyWeekly Guest Writer - To Find Out or Not To Find Out

Thanks Kelly for sending this article along - I love it! Enjoy PW readers.

Preferences vary on whether or not to find out a baby's gender in advance. My husband and I chose to be surprised with our son (now 24-months-old), and we had so much fun doing it the "old-fashioned way" that we decided to be surprised again with my current pregnancy (30 weeks pregnant!). I must admit, however, that there have been moments in this pregnancy when I've thought "I wish I knew!" There are pros and cons for each side, but what it really comes down to is your own preference and style. If you're still undecided on the issue, here's a list of plusses and minuses for each to help you consider:

Finding out in advance Pro: You only have to pick one name. Con: There's a chance the ultrasound tech was wrong. (Yes, this has happened!) Pro: You get gender specific clothes at your baby shower. Con: The actual birth can be anti-climactic since you already got your surprise months before. Pro: You can mentally prepare for the gender you're having. Con: If you're not having the gender you hoped for, you might feel a little resentful, especially since you haven't seen that sweet little face yet.

Waiting until the birth Pro: The 9 months of waiting all culminate in the birth when all is revealed and the doctor proclaims"It's a... !" Con: You can't plan a nursery based on pink or blue. Pro: At your shower you might get more of the necessary things you registered for (and then receivemore cute clothes after the birth). Con: Sometimes it's just hard not knowing who that person is in there! Pro: No matter what your preference was, as soon as you hold your baby in your arms, you'll know it's the right child for you. Con: You have to endure months of people telling youthey "know" what you're having based on how you're carrying, etc.!

Just remember that no matter what you decide, it's your decision alone. Don't let anyone persuade you to do what you don't want to do. In the end, you'll have your bundle of joy and no matter what gender it is, you'll love it more deeply than you can ever imagine!

PregnancyWeekly Tips

For all of you Pregnancy Weekly subscribers - did you know that they have launched with a new newsletter? Pregnancy Tips! Geared toward your week of pregnancy - they cover short tips on the dos and donts of pregnancy. Here is an example of the newsletter: Hi Kat, There are additional safety issues to consider when traveling during your pregnancy, especially when flying. Most airlines will allow you to travel through your eighth month, and the ninth month with a doctors written permission. Check with your health care provider the week before you travel and keep the following safety issues in mind when traveling during your pregnancy: Deep vein thrombosis - This is when the blood clots in a deep leg vein. Complications occur when a clot breaks away from the wall of the vein to which it is attached and travels through the blood stream to the heart or lungs. Wear support hose while in flight and walk around as much as possible to promote circulation. Airplane Seat belts - Be sure to wear the airplanes seat belt low across your hips and not over your abdomen as this may increase pressure on the baby and cause harm. Good hydration - Bring plenty of water to drink. The low humidity in airplane cabins have a dehydrating effect. Getting plenty of fluids may also reduce the risk of deep vein thrombosis. Not a Pregnancy Weekly member? Click Here to sign up!

Tuesday, November 01, 2005

True or False? Pregnancy Facts or Myths?

You're pregnant - you've read the books, watched the baby shows, spoken with everyone, researched online - but how much do you really know? Are the following statements true or false? Leave a comment with your answers and check back tomorrow for the true answers. 1) Pregnancy makes your feet get bigger. 2) Morning sickness happens only in the morning. 3) After you have the baby, bunches of your hair fall out (before the stress of parenting even kicks in). 4) A dark pigmented line running down your belly shows the doctor or midwife where to look for baby as he/she grows inside of you. 5) Only fathers fear the impending loss of freedom (and sleep) and increased responsibility the baby will bring.

Spa Treatments at Home

Sometimes we don't have the money or energy to get out to a spa for some relaxing bliss. But you can recreate some of the treatments at home might might put a little pep back into your pregnancy. Here are some of my favorite recipes from a book called Spa Mama by Stacy Denney. Sugar Rub A Dub Dub It's generally presumed (although not medically proven) that taking hot baths in the first trimester can be harmful to the developing fetus. If you forego those long, luxurious soaks, then this total-body scrub will remind you of the good old days. It also helps to improve circulation, which is useful, as by the end of your first trimester your poor heart will be working twice as hard as usual. • 3/4 cup brown sugar • 1/2 tablespoon honey• 1/4 cup jojoba oil • 1/8 cup liquid soap Combine all ingredients and stir thoroughly in a medium bowl. Make sure your bathroom is warm. Dry the tub, add a bath mat, line the bottom with towels and lower yourself in. Gently massage the scrub all over your skin from neck to toe. After a full body application, remove the towels from the tub and rinse scrub with warm water. Hello Belly! As your midsection stretches to places you never thought possible, make time to show your appreciation for your baby's temporary home by liberally applying this delicious (yet non-edible) moisturizing mask to your belly. • 1/4 cup avocado • 2 tablespoons fresh orange juice • 2 teaspoons molasses, preferably blackstrap • 5 drops chamomile essential oil In a small bowl, mash the avocado then stir in the remaining ingredients. Add extra orange juice if the mixture is too thick. Spread over your belly and leave on for at least 30 minutes before using a warm washcloth to rinse off.

Monday, October 31, 2005

Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween to you all! I wish I had time to post today but it has been crazy with Halloween activities at work and with Kiddo #1's school. Will be back tomorrow in full force.