Friday, October 21, 2005

Meet Hannah

I've introduced Hannah to you all before - but for the new readers out there, I'd like you to meet Hannah. Hannah is in her 25th week of pregnancy and you might be interested to read what she has to say! Click here for more. Who is Hannah? Well here's what Hannah has to say: Hi, I'm Hannah, and I just found out I'm pregnant! I'm so excited!! Well, a little nervous too, to tell you the truth. This little baby growing inside of me is going to bring about big changes to my body, my emotions, my relationships, and my life. I will be posting a diary entry each week to share my highs and lows with you, as well as all the changes I go through and decisions I make in the next nine months. I'll probably have a million questions and need tons of advice, so I'll periodically be asking you readers for input and your opinions; and I may just get curious to see what you gals are going through and feeling too! This will be the first interactive online diary and your collective experience and wisdom will help guide me through this amazing time.

All is Happy for TomKat

You know, there's always a pregnant celebrity that I'm somewhat intrigued by. I know it sounds weird...but I'm always and so is going to have a kid. I like Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes might take the cake on this one. Are they truly a couple? Are they really going to get married? Is this for real and not a publicity stunt? According to People online, they are "beaming" about their pregnancy. Is the nesting habit kicking in? Well Katie is now learning to knit - think she's making some baby booties? Am I the only one in thinking that TomKat is a little bizzare?

Wednesday, October 19, 2005

This Is Why He Was Our First President

"My mother was the most beautiful woman I ever saw. All I am I owe to my mother. I attribute all my success in life to the moral, intellectual and physical education I received from her." - George Washington

Baby Vacations

I have a few wishes. I wish I were pregnant again and that my Dh and I had some extra cash around the house. If I was and we did, I'd book a vacation to the W Hotel in New York City? Why? Because of this - A Baby Me vacation. I love that the W has started this package. And it's brillian too. Many parents - to be take a mini vacation before the baby arrives. Check out what the W will give you should you book this vacation: - Skip* Hop DUO bag - Cute onesie - Hot Mama book for those stylish pregnant women - Guide for mom shopping - Special snacks from the Womb Service Menu (haha - get it?) which include fruit, ice cream and pickles - Subscription to American Baby magazine - Special Pregnant Goddess Goodies - Baby Me gift sent upon baby's arrival Doesn't this sound fabulous? I wish they had this promotion when I was pregnant!

David Copperfield, Magic, Pregnancy

If you're going to read any post today, I suggest this one. Many of you have heard of David Copperfield - famous magician, illusionist. I'd put him up there with Harry Houdini. Well Copperfield's next "trick" might surpass Houdini feats. Copperfield claims he will be able to impregnate a female on stage without touching her, without having sex. He also claims that everyone will be happy about it. I know, I know what you're thinking. How? Why? Well you'll have to go see his show and find out. Although can you imagine? "So Mom, where did I come from?" "Well honey, David Copperfield just was able to impregnate me on stage..."

Pregnancy Tips from a PregnancyWeekly Guest Writer

Tammy wrote me the other day with some of her pregnancy tips that she wanted to share with you all. Thanks Tammy for writing! And if any of you have some pregnancy tips that worked for you and you would like to share - please shoot me an email at kat AT - I have had two wonderful pieces of advice since I became pregnant with twins at the age of 47 (these are first babies for both my husband and myself). First: I was having TERRIBLE heartburn and was absolutely miserable. My mother told me to stop eating sweets and it would stop. I thought, "Sure, it will" but I decided to at least try it. I stopped all sweets) including soft drinks and guess what? My heartburn miraculously disappeared (although I have since found out that garlic also causes heartburn for me). Second: I was constipated and I hated the over-the-counter things like Metamucil, Citracel, etc., because they made me feel uncomfortable and bloated. A friend at work recommended drinking apple juice. It works! I hope these tips work for others.

I Love the name, Boob Tube

I can't take credit for finding this product. I received my UrbanBaby newsletter today and it featured some products for the expectant mother from Mama Mio. They make products like: - Tummy Rub - An oil (not a lotion) to moisturize your skin. - Boob Tube - A mask for the breasts which you leave on to help you take care of your sensitive and "delicate" skin. I just love the name. They also have moisturizing lotions, super moisturizing lotions - lots of fun products to fully pamper yourself. If you're looking to buy a gift, they have several kits you can purchase for that pregnant friend of yours. If anyone tries the stuff, let me know how it works out!

Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Gap Maternity

I don't know why they didn't come out with this sooner. They have Gap, Baby Gap, Gap Kids and now finally - Gap Maternity! That is - Gap Maternity in stores! It used to be you could only buy clothes online but now you can find all your shopping needs in one of the 7o stores around the country. It doesn't look like one is in my local area - but this will be a promising new maternity place as more stores open.

Answering Your Embarassing Pregnancy Questions

The great thing about the internet is you can search for answers to your embarassing questions. Why/How/Who/What/Where/When can all be answered by typing and searching. When it comes to your pregnancy questions, here are some answers. Why are my vericose veins so big all of a sudden? Increased blood volume puts your veins under pressure. In addition, hormonal changes relax the muscular walls of the blood vessels. This makes it even more difficult for your veins to move blood from the lower body, back to the heart. The increasing weight of your uterus will put more stress on the pelvic veins, and if you’re constipated, this can also interfere with your pelvic circulation. As a result, blood may pool in your lower body, and you may get the bulging, painful varicose veins on the legs, vulva or rectum. Try liquids, fiber, fruits and veggies and support socks to help. Avoid squatting or standing for long periods of time. Why are my breasts so saggy and how can I stop this? The biggest change in breast size will usually take place in the first 3 months. You can't really predict what is going to happen, but finding the right support is key. Get a proper fitting for support to make sure you aren't wearing the wrong size and as you grow, you will probably have to buy new bras to accomodate your new growth. As you get further into your pregnancy, if your breasts do leak, look into wearing breast pads - not very glam but better than having wet spots! If your nipples are dry during your pregnancy, a moisturizing cream can help. Why the heck am I so constipated? Oh the things we go through in having a child. Traditional rememdies help - fruits, veggies, fiber, liquids. Exercise might help and talk to your OB about taking a vegetable laxative to help. You should NOT take a laxative unless you have talked to your OB prior. How do I know my water is breaking? I once asked a nurse this and she said, "You just know!" Well that's not necessarily the case! Sometimes you just think it's a leak. To notice if you truly have broken your water, you will be leaking and you will be damp. There is no distinct smell. A good way to really tell is to is to first empty your bladder. Pull up your pelvic floor muslces. With tihgt pelvic floor muslces, bear down - as though you are trying to go to the bathroom, if you leak fluid, it is most likely amniotic fluid. I'm afraid of giving birth and labor - is this normal? Are you kidding? Of course it is. Having fears about labor can occupy much of your thinking time. My best suggestion is to arm yourself with a lot of knowledge. Do some research, talk to your OB, talk to friends, family - get the "real deal." Being prepared with knowledge will help you overcome the "shock" of labor. It might get uncomfortable hearing details of labor, but I promise you that it will help. Learning the medical terminology can help - I think a large fear is putting yourself into a situation where you rely on others and you are the one giving birth. I don't feel pregnant yet - will I ever? It is understanble to be scared if you don't "feel" pregnant. We hear stories about miscarriages and most likely you know at least one woman if not more, who has suffered a miscarriage. So there is a desperate want to "feel" pregnant. I think sometimes if you overthink what you're feeling - you won't feel anything. When you visit your OB, talk to him/her about your fears, talk to your partner and friends about your fears. There is a percentage of women who don't feel the usual breast tenderness, morning sickness, general pregnancy symptoms. Have an embarassing question? Leave a comment or shoot me an email (kat at and I will try to answer it to the best of my abilities although bear in mind, I am in no way a doctor!

Spice Baby

Tell me what you want, what you really really want... Looks like the redhead of the former Spice Girls is set to give birth later this year. Geri Halliwell aka Ginger Spice is pregnant with British screenwriter Sacha Gervasi. Although unexpected, apparently Geri is thrilled - Congrats!

Britney To Sell Her Son's Photos?

I read this on MSN - it was noted as "Hot Gossip!" Apparently the New York Post has made a deal with People Magazine to feature pictures of the Spears-Federline son and family. According to reps for Britney, if there is a deal in place, they will donate the proceeds to charity. Hmm...I'm not sure you could pay me enough money to feature my new son but hey, that's the life of a celebrity right?

Monday, October 17, 2005

Labor and Delivery

There are so many different ways to give birth these days. C-section, VBAC, epidural, natural, hypno, water, at home, at the hospital, in the car on the way to the hospital. The list goes on a lot longer. It makes me curious - what was your labor and delivery like? Leave a comment or shoot me an email kat at and tell me how it was and why you chose (or perhaps you didn't chose) that method of delivery. And I know some of you can get long winded when it comes to the birth story :) so for my own sake, maybe you could keep it within 500 words. I would like to eventually have a week or more of different methods of delivery and the "true" stories behind them. And remember, whatever method you chose is the one that works for you. I've seen on forums debates between vaginal versus c-section and the thing we should remember is, as long as the kid is healthy and happy, does it really matter how they got out?

Getting Pregnant

Getting pregnant can be more than just conception. Bringing a baby into the world is not just like picking up a new puppy at the pound. There are a lot of things to consider. If you are planning on having a child with your partner, you might want to consider a few things - And granted, there might be some who are not in the position to answer all of these questions - but if you're thinking about it...try asking yourself some of these questions. Marriage/Relationship: Do we have a stable, loving marriage/relationship? Do we share similar philosophies/beliefs on raising a child? What are our expectations of one another once we have a child? How will having another child affect the other sibling(s)? Timing: Is this a "good" time to have a baby? Should we wait until our lives are less stressful? Can my partner and/or I take leave from work or school? Will I be able to get help if I need it? Will I be able to maximize my health insurance deductible if needed? Finances: Can we afford a child? Do we have the income level needed to raise our child? Do we need to purchase additional health insurance coverage for our child? What would the financial impact be if one of us decided to not return to work, or work only part-time? How much would a nanny or child-care provider/center cost? Health: Are we in good general health? Are there any medical conditions or age-related factors to consider for me or my partner? Are there any medical/dental procedures, surgeries or vaccinations we need to complete before becoming pregnant? Are there any habits my partner or I need to change or stop before becoming pregnant? (For example: smoking, drinking, use of recreational or certain prescription drugs, caffeine, etc.,) Does our doctor recommend any medical procedures before becoming pregnant (including genetic screening, fertility tests, etc.,)?