Friday, July 08, 2005

Britney Pregnant With Twins?

Hi Everyone, Happy Friday! I am still learning how to use this Blogger. So please bear with me as I learn how to post and do all those crazy website things. According to Kat, posting images are much easier now so that's a relief! I don't know about you, but I *secretly* enjoy celebrity news especially when it comes to celebrity moms and families! So of course, you can imagine my interest in Britney Spears and her pregnancy! According to MSNBC and The New York Daily News, Ms. Spears-Federline is expecting twins. Can you imagine two little Britneys or Kevins running around? Now I've seen the pictures and I couldn't say for sure. But either she is carrying multiples or she is due sooner than later. Speaking of "Due" - there is a store called Due. When I was pregnant, my best friend was also pregnant and we both took a trip down to Santa Barbara for some fun girly pregnant days. (One note - never take a road trip when you are pregnant because not enough bathrooms! Fly instead!) We found this store and immediately, she called it "DuA - as in two". I called it Doo as in "your baby is due..." Random story. Have a great weekend everyone!

Wednesday, July 06, 2005

It's a Girl!

Hi Everyone. I'm Claire and I work with Kat. I just wanted to let you know that last night, she gave birth to a beautiful daugher, Heidi Anne, 6 lbs and 7 ounces. Kat will not be posting for awhile as she and her family of four get settled. I will be filling in her shoes for awhile until she feels ready to blog again! Thanks and Happy Wednesday! It's a Girl! Posted by Picasa

Tuesday, July 05, 2005

What's In Your Diaper Bag?

I was on the Cheerios website and I was just surfing around when I noticed this article on what to pack in your diaper bag. The list is daunting! I have most of the items listed below in my diaper bag. And believe it or not, both Dh and I keep a lot of "spares" in the trunks of our car as does our nanny. Because you never know when you might forget. We also keep emergency supplies in the car. A first aid kit. Sunblock, neosporin, bandaids, flares, tarp, paper towels and always diapers. What do YOU keep in your diaper bag? Your Diaper Bag Checklist By Jessica Hartshorn Be ready for anything with a well-stocked diaper bag. Putting together a diaper bag for a toddler may feel like packing for a weeklong vacation! Use this checklist to make sure that you're fully stocked for your outing with your child. • Diapers: Take more than you think you'll need, as many as one for every hour of your outing. Better safe than sorry! • Small box or travel pack of wipes: These aren't just for your toddler, but for your hands, too • A tube of barrier cream or diaper-rash creamSeveral cloth diapers or other cloths for burping, spit-up, and other messesAn extra shirt, pants, and pair of socks for your childAn extra shirt for youBaby sunblockBaby's bottle, if she uses one -- to keep things sanitary, you might put the nipple in a plastic bag • At least one toy • A favorite comfort object • If baby is on solids, a container of baby food and a baby spoon • If child has started eating finger foods, a container of snacks, such as Cheerios • A bibTwo extra pacifiers (if your child uses them) stored in a clean plastic bag • A cell phone for emergencies • An index card with your name, address, and phone number, should the bag get lost • An index card with the pediatrician's number, a neighbor's number, and a number where your spouse or one of baby's grandparents can be reached • A changing pad -- many diaper bags come with one • A few large plastic bags for sealing and tossing dirty diapers, or taking home soiled clothes • Water and a snack for you • And yes, it all fits inside!

Movie Stars, Politics, Pregnancy, Oh My!

In the drama between Tom Cruise and Brooke Shields, a poltical honcho has entered the picture. New Jersey govenor, Richard Codey, has made a public statement praising Brooke and criticizing Tom. Codey's own wife exeprienced post-partum depression. You can read more here and let's hope that all this talk will do something good. I agree with Nuwanda who left a comment saying that she hopes this will increase awareness and that hopefully something good will come out of it.

Nursery Themes

It's time to start decorating. Need a starting place? The below themes will help you figure out what you want and don't want in your nursery. Choosing one name from all the thousands to call your child may be a greater challenge, but choosing a nursery theme is no mean feat. Like your baby's name, your nursery theme must be something you find immediately and emotionally appealing, but it must also be something you and baby will love as much years from now. The best way to locate a theme that will work for you is to think first about how you want your nursery to feel. Warm and cozy? Bright and happy? Relaxing and restful? What kind of space do you want this to be for your baby? Popular ideas that require only a moderate amount of creativity, artistic talent, and/or shopping prowess include: Day and night Paint the ceiling to look like clouds or the night sky, and suspend the sun, moon, or stars from the ceiling, making sure that they're not within your baby's reach. Paint the walls to look like more sky, or a garden. Anyone can sponge paint the day or night sky. Geometric shapes, dots, or stripes in bold colors Experts in early childhood development recommend contrasting colors for babies' stimulation and brain development. Choose bright colors in any arrangement as your theme and you will find sheets, furnishings, and toys very easy to locate and tie in, and you will be able to update the room's look as your child grows. The alphabet, numbers, or crayons Three more bright and widely available themes are these mainstays of the early years. Crayon wallpaper borders and sheets look great when flanked with bulletin boards and blackboards ready for your child's own early forays into art. The combination of the alphabet or number theme in combination with contrasting colors could make your child the academic star of nursery school. Pastels or denim For a more relaxed, soothing nursery, try gentler colors even a denim, which your child may love and consider hip well into early adulthood. Animals in any form Baby animals, teddy bears, farm scenes, circuses, Noah's ark, safari, there's an animal theme for every color scheme. Every baby store will feature at least one. Under the sea Paint the walls to look like water and hang the ceiling with fish, an octopus and starfish. Favorite characters Childhood classics can make both mother and child happy, and are easy to find in wallpapers, blankets, and everything else because of the widely available licensed lines. They also guarantee that no matter how many differences develop between you and your child over the years, you can always share a lingering affection for the same character.

Undergarments of Pregnancy

Good quality maternity panties can be an expectant mother's best friends. There is nothing more frustrating than trying to wear regular panties and fighting them the entire time you have them on. Maternity underwear is designed to be practical and pretty with plenty of room to grow. They're available in all the same styles as regular panties; french-cut briefs, regular briefs affectionately know as "granny panties," and even bikini-style briefs. The main consideration after style is the material from which they're made. Look for soft, stretchy luxurious material such as 100% cotton or pima cotton (it's even softer) with some Lycra for stretch. Make sure they have a wide elastic waistband. There is nothing worse than a pair of underwear with a mind of its own, the elastic waist just seems to head south all by itself! Pay attention to details, they do make the difference, and don't scrimp when it comes to price and quality. For quality all cotton maternity panties, you will pay from $3-$5 per pair, at least.Once a mother has delivered, a great choice is a disposable panty. You are probably thinking there's no way a disposable panty can be worth the money you pay for them, but look again. For the first few days after giving birth, new mothers need to feel as comfortable as possible. These disposable panties are cotton-knit one-size-fits-all and feel especially soft to the skin. They're lightweight, breathable and designed with a stretchy fit to slip on easily and hold absorbent pads in place. Best of all they're disposable, so a new mother can focus on their baby instead of the laundry. They're priced at around $7.95 for a package of three panties. After the baby is born, another useful product that until recently was only available during your hospital stay is the peri-cold pad. These are wonderful. Even if you haven't had an episiotomy, you are bound to experience some pain while your body recovers from childbirth. These soft, absorbent cold pads are gentler and more giving, so they feel better against the tender perineal region than standard ice packs and make the first weeks after delivery much less painful. Tucked deep inside each soft cotton pad are tiny capsules of ammonium nitrate and water. When you squeeze the pad, just prior to use, the chemical creates a soothing cold that will last for up to 40 minutes. These pads are available through the Medela Company and they are referred to as the Medela Instant Therapy Kit. The kit includes a soft stretch knit panty made of polyester and Lycra that holds the pad in place. The panty is a mesh fabric to allow as much air as possible to circulate. Both the panty and the pads are disposable. The kit contains two pads and the knit panty for $11.95. They are well worth the money to help speed your recovery and make you more comfortable so you can get down to the business of taking care of your baby. Another creature comfort and a necessity for mothers with back problems is a maternity belt. As your baby drops into positions for its grand entrance, you may feel an equally grand pressure in your pelvis area. You can alleviate some of the pain by slipping on a maternity belt. Glamorous they aren't, but they sure to help to relieve back, leg and abdominal pain. Plus, they can be worn discreetly under your clothing. Most maternity belts are straightforward as a piece of heavy duty elastic (2-4 inches wide and long enough to go around a pregnant woman) that goes around your back and over and under your belly to give support. If you have underlying back problems before becoming pregnant or have developed a back problem early in the pregnancy then the Loving Comfort Maternity Support may be what you'll need. In 1986, a man by the name of Loren Working was sitting in an airplane when he noticed a pregnant woman in great discomfort. Loren, who designs orthopedic supports for the physical therapy industry, realized that the woman needed back support, the kind of support that wasn't available with standard belts which work through abdominal compression. He devised a comfortable support with lift under the abdomen, transferring the weight of the load to the spine. The belt velcros into place easily, supporting the abdomen, reducing pressure at the pelvis, and improving circulation in the legs and relieving pressure on the sciatic nerve. It gently compresses the pelvic ring to reduce pain. Made of webbing and mesh, to let air circulate, the support belt cannot be seen under most clothing and adjusts as your body grows and changes. Most women, who find the last months of pregnancy uncomfortable, feel immediate relief when they use this belt.