Friday, March 04, 2005

The Ultimate Baby Mix CD to Make your OB Laugh

1. Push It - Salt n' Pepa 2. You Make Me Feel Like a Natural Woman - Aretha Franklin 3. All That She Wants (Is Another Baby) - Ace of Base 4. Like a Virgin - Madonna 5. Having My Baby - Paul Anka 6. Baby Got Back - Sir Mix ALot 7. One For My Baby - Frank Sinatra 8. Ice Ice Baby - Vanilla Ice 9. Always Be My Baby - Mariah Carey 10. My Baby Just Cares For Me - Nina Simone 11. Baby Baby - Amy Grant 12. Santa Baby - Vonda Shepard 13. Dream Baby - Roy Orbison Can you think of any others? (I'm totally hijacking this idea from a messageboard I read but hey...sometimes the creative juices just don't flow.)

Baby Quote

"Practice easing your way along. Do your best; take it as it comes. You can handle anything you think you can. Just keep your cool and your sense of humor." Smiley Blanton, MD

Thursday, March 03, 2005

Best Advice for Pregnancy?

I think I'm in a poll asking questions kind of mood. What has been the best advice someone has given you during your pregnancy? Or, What advice would you give to someone who's pregnant? Whether it's about food to eat or a certain product or perhaps it's just a personal mantra to help you get through your pregnancy, I want to hear it! The best piece of advice I got during my morning sickness phase was to have a can of air freshener for the bathroom at work and at home. During my back pain phase, my best friend advised my husband to give me massages daily. Oh baby, you know that I loved that! During my "I don't fit in anything phase!" a very lovely saleswoman recommended banded jeans. My credit card suffered. And during the last few weeks of my pregnancy, my mother gave me a journal and a camera to record my thoughts and feelings. I was in that "Why is this pregnancy going SO slow" phase and so it was a good distraction. And now, that baby book is very precious to me. I'm not exactly a scrapbooking diva, but just having the words is precious. Now it's your turn to share.

Nicknames for the Belly?

In our house, we call my pregnant belly, Belly. We know it's a girl and we know what we're going to name Belly, but we're not telling! It'll be a surprise. And yes, it's really hard to keep a secret. Other nicknames I've heard are Bean, Lima Bean, Roe, Egg, Sprout, Little, Baby, Speck, Peanut, Bella, Boo. So what do you call your pregnant belly?

Wednesday, March 02, 2005


Having a boy? Should you circumcise or not? It's a tough decision to make when there are advantages and disadvantages. You might choose to follow ethnic, cultural or religious traditions. But if you're wavering, here are some facts to help you decide which route you want to take. Advantages: Lower rates of cervical cancer in female partners Rare to develop cancer of the penis Prevents paraphimosis (foreskin gets stuck when pulled back) Less likely to get STDs (HIV, syphilis, genital herpes, genital warts) 10%-20% less likely to get urinary tract infections Easier to clean Disadvantages: Some people claim it reduces sexual pleasure Medically unnecessary if proper cleaning and safe sex are practiced Not recommended for a sick baby, premature or has a penile abnormality Possibility of several penile damage (but very rare) Complications in bleeding (1 in 1,000) Painful without anesthetic (although you can ask about pain relief) To be honest? One is not necessarily better than the other. It all comes down to personal choice. That might explain why the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) won't give a definitive answer. They acknowledge the medical benefits of circumcision, but also suggest that parents research "accurate and unbiased" information before they make any sort of decision. So consider this post "accurate and unbiased" information. [A lot of these advantages/disadvantages obviously are not immediate but later in life]

Ouch! My Back Hurts!

A common complaint of pregnant women. And rightfully so. When you are pregnant, your uterus is growing and alters your center of gravity. The ligaments are straining your spine and your ab muscles can't handle the weight of a pregnant lady and so it shifts to your lower back. The position of your baby can affect your back as well. Some tips: - Don't sit, stand, or walk for long periods of time. - Put your feet up! Elevate your feet on the couch, an ottoman, the dog (jk). - Never stretch up to reach for something. - On the same page, never lift anything heavy. And if you do have to pick something up, don't bend over. Squat instead, keep your back and waist aligned and lift with your knees. This is good for your leg muscles as well. - Tilt your shoulders forward. - When you are standing, make sure your pelvis is in a neutral position and not tipped forward. - When sitting, try putting a small pillow in the small of your back. - Try a warm (not hot!) bath. - Avoid high heels! - Try a heating pad on medium heat for 15-minute intervals or try cold packs. - Use body pillows. - Sleep on a firm mattress or but a board under your current one. - Ask for a massage!

Tuesday, March 01, 2005

What to Say to A Pregnant Woman...And What NOT to Say

What to Say and What Not to Say to a Mother-to-Be (From the Pregnancy Weekly website) Understand pregnancy for what it is: A wonderful and beautiful experience, wrapped up in a colossal shift in hormones! Not only is the new mother dealing with the uncomfortable symptoms of pregnancy, but also with anxieties and fears of motherhood (not to mention feeling like a beached whale half the time!). New mothers need a tremendous amount of compassion and support throughout the nine months of pregnancy and beyond. Here are a few things to keep in mind when offering advice, support or criticism to a new mother. On the Issue of Pregnancy and Postpartum Weight: What to say (all with sincerity): Honey, you look terrific! Pregnancy becomes you. You need to gain weight, our baby's well-being depends on it! Honey, you just had a baby! You look great for just having a baby! You're having our baby! That automatically makes you beautiful! What NOT to say: Wow, you're BIG for____months! Well, at least people know you're pregnant! Should you be eating that? You don't want to gain too much weight. Hey, try breastfeeding! That should take the weight off! Oh, I didn't realize you already had your baby! On the Issue of Bottle Feeding vs. Breastfeeding What to say: Let's take a breastfeeding class together. I know a friend who's breastfeeding her child. I'll put you in touch with her. Breastfeeding is a beautiful experience to enjoy with your baby. There are lots of great formulas out there for you to choose from if breastfeeding doesn't work out for you. Talk to your doctor to find out which formula will work best for your baby. What NOT to say: Breastfeeding is for mothers who are too cheap to buy formula. I wouldn't breastfeed if I were you. I tried for three months and gave up because it was too hard. Formula is unhealthy for babies. He'll be sick all the time. Mothers who love their babies breastfeed their babies. Breastfeeding is "dirty" and perverted, especially if done in public. On the Issue of Child Rearing What to say: I would love to give you advice on anything you need. Just let me know. I've got some great books on parenting. Would you like to borrow them? Let's take a parenting class together. That way, we can be prepared. Parenthood is challenging, but I know you'll be great at it! Follow your heart. You know what's best for your child. What NOT to say: Well, here is what I (my mother, Aunt Mabel, Dr. So-and-so, etc.,) think/thinks is best for your baby. This is the only book worth reading on parenting! Just you wait when this baby is born; you'll see how difficult parenting is! Always/Never pamper your children, give them time-outs, etc. (In fact, eradicate the words "always" and "never" from your vocabulary when discussing parenting!) Well, if I were you... * I just *know* that all of you out there have encountered that rude person and their less-than-sensitive comment. Tell me your story...and the comeback you came up with (or the comeback that you wish you came up with!). Much like the show, What Not to Wear, they ought to have a show of What Not to Say and then tips for what you can say when you encounter thoughtless people. Here are some highlights when I posed this to a message board: Told me in my 8th month of pregnancy that I was finally starting to look pregnant, that before that I just looked big. You're so small. Are you sure the baby is ok? You must be expecting a girl, because they steal your good looks! How much longer are you going to fit in those clothes? You don't look pregnant. You just look like you gained weight. You must be carrying a boy because you have a big butt!

Old Wives Tales -- Part Two

Here are some Old Wives Tales from the Pregnancy Weekly website. These are the best of the best of old wives' tales and pregnancy folklore. Some may give accurate results and some are just plain silly. You'll have loads of fun reading them and trying a few. Make a note in your PW journal and keep the results of any that you try so you can see if any of them correctly predicted information about your little one.Here goes! -Pick up a single key. If you pick it up by the round part you will have a boy. If you pick up the long narrow part you will have a girl. If you pick it up in the middle twins are on the way! -The Mayans determined the sex of the baby by taking the mother's age at conception, and the year of conception. If both numbers are even or both are odd then it's a girl; if one number is even and one odd then it's a boy. -Eat a clove of raw garlic. If the smell of garlic seeps out of your pores, it's a boy. If no garlic smell is detected at all, it's a girl. This test is not for the faint of heart or stomach for that matter. Well, can you eat a clove of garlic? -If your legs resemble tree trunks, it's a boy. If they're trim and fit, it's a girl. -If you crave the heels of the bread, you will have a boy. If you like the middle, a girl is on the way. -If your hands start to get dry and chapped, it will be a boy; but if your hands are softer during pregnancy, you will have a girl. -If you can't tell you're pregnant from the back, you're having a boy. If you look pregnant all over and from every angle, it's a girl. -If you experience increased acne break out on the face and chest you will have a girl. -If a toddler boy shows interest in a pregnant woman, the mom-to-be is going to have a girl. If he ignores the pregnant woman, she will have a boy. -Which side do you lie on when you are resting? If it's the left, then it's a boy. If you're more comfortable on your right side then it's a girl. -When someone asks to see your hand, if you show them palms up, it's a girl; palms down, a boy. * I asked my hubby if I looked pregnant from the back and if my legs looked slim or like tree trunks. He had a look of terror in his eyes and said, "No way! Not answering that question!!" Heh. For a laugh today, read this comic strip. And hope that you don't get a moustache. :)

Monday, February 28, 2005

Babies on Ebay?

Are you kidding me? Do you remember Amber Rainey who auctioned off her pregnant belly to Golden Palace Casino? Well she's been on eBay again now auctioning off a sponsorship of her delivery. Here's what she writes: "SPONSORSHIP INCLUDES THE FOLLOWING: filming, web posting, broadcasting, and photography rights. Family that will be present during birth will wear apparel with company logos. Car transporting me to and from hospital will have your company logo displayed with magnetic signage. Company signs will be posted where appropriate. Media will be welcomed and invited." The winning bid? Again by Golden Palace Casino for $5,600.00. Again I'm floored. And a tiny bit jealous that I didn't think of the idea myself. But then again...would you really want all these people around you when you're sweaty and in pain and swearing up a storm? Not me. But the money could be great. Saving it for college or diapers or cord blood banking.

Maternity Clothes Shopping!

Most women have the shopping gene. I know that I do. Yet when it comes to buying maternity clothes, it can be trying to find stylish clothes that will fit. Clothes you try on are too big. Or too small. Or you are in that awkward phase where you can't find anything to wear. Not to mention your feet are swollen, have grown and none of your shoes fit! So what to do? Shopping. Here are some tips: Just took a Test? Don't Reach for that Visa Yet! Don't shop too soon. It can be hard to gauge how much you will grow during pregnancy and you probably won't need new clothes until about four months (this is different for all women). And if you're at the point where you have a hard time closing the button on your jeans? Try using a rubberband to close them shut or a safety pin. Don't Break the Bank You don't need to spend a lot on clothes. Just think, you won't be wearing them forever. Try Target or similar stores like for stylish clothes at a lower price! Or ask among your friends who have already been pregnant, if you can borrow their maternity clothes. My group of gals passes on our old maternity clothes to the newly pregnant one and the cycle continues. It is Okay to Splurge Sometimes You don't necessarily have to limit yourselves. Indulge in something that you enjoy or like. 9 months after all can be a long time and you will want to feel pretty. So if you've been spotting a pretty coat or skirt or shoes, get it! (Your shoe size might change though post pregnancy!) Better yet, buy a fancy handbag or indulge yourself in a massage. Getting the Stylish Groove on Keep your own sense of style. You don't have to change your style too much just because you're pregnant. Going up? In size that is! Buy some clothes that are too big. They might fall off you now but in a few months, they should probably fit you just right. And you might wake up one morning to discover that overnight (!) nothing fits! So having a backup pair of pants can really save you! Poll: What's your maternity clothing essential? For me? My maternity jeans absolutely because jeans are just a staple of clothing. And my black maternity pants. I can wear them to the office, I can wear them out. They are stretchy, comfortable and stylish. For some great online maternity websites, click here.

Baby Bedding From Gap

Quick plug for BabyGap --- They have a new line of bedding for your crib. There are only three styles to choose from: Barnyard, Country Garden (girl), Choo Choo (boy). All three choices are cute from sheets to bumpers to bed skirts to quilts. Anything you need to make that crib pretty. The prices aren't bad either. So if you haven't started your nursery yet, you might want to check them out! (Now if only I could convince BabyGap to pay for me for this plug! Or maybe send me some free bedding?)