Thursday, November 03, 2005

PregnancyWeekly Guest Writer - Sherri!

Sherri sent me a great article to post on this blog - thank you Sherri! Sherri is honest about her experience of pregnancy and it reminds us that pregnancy isn't always sunshine and rainbows but in the end - all that you go through is totally worth it. It’s all worth it, in the end Depending on who we are as individuals, i.e. how strong we are, what we can tolerate, out thresholds, pregnancy may be tricky. For myself it was infection after infection, preterm contractions, multiple hospital visits, and a final test, my water broke two months before my daughters due date. What did this mean for me? (A two-month stay in the hospital.) Why? According to my GYN, once a woman’s water breaks and she is not in active labor, the amniotic fluid can and does regenerate enabling her to possibly sustain the pregnancy. This means lots of bed rest and in my case that meant in the hospital. A woman may also be prone for infection once the water breaks but she is not considered to be in labor. Thankfully, my doctors were able to sustain the pregnancy to full term in which ironically they ended up inducing me at 38 weeks. After grueling days in the hospital, contractions, emotions, anxiety, and roommates (I had my share of pregnant roommates, but that’s a whole other blog) it was definitely all worth it! At 38 weeks my beautiful little girl Emma Kate came into this world. All the anxiety, and trouble that this little beauty had caused me turned into pure bliss. I seemed to forget everything. Emma was born “the perfect child”, as all new mommies will tell you about their new ones. Moral of the story, here I am two years later pregnant again, and yes we planned it! Just because one pregnancy is bad does not mean the next will be and if it is, in the end, it is all worth it to know that you brought such a beautiful life into the world. Emma is now two years old and she is my best friend. My husband calls her my shadow. We do everything together; she truly is my best pal. In my opinion, this is a great pregnancy story because as I have already mentioned I brought a healthy little girl into the world. This is just one of the various pregnancy compilations that may occur. We must realize as woman, once we make the commitment to pregnancy we are expected to see and feel changes throughout our systems. It may be a horrific morning sickness, gaining too much weight, ending up in the hospital, being put on bed rest, gestational diabetes, etc and yes having the perfect pregnancy. We are all different but in the end nine months may seem like a long time. It is really not once we deliver.