Friday, November 04, 2005

PregnancyWeekly Guest Writer - Melissa!

Happy Friday everyone! Thanks to Melissa for being the guest writer of the day!


My name is Melissa. I have a nearly five year old daughter "Kim" from a previous relationship, and am now 22 weeks pregnant with my husband's child. We were very excited for the ultrasound to finally take place, as this will be our last child (his only biological child), and both of us were hopeful for a boy. Kim also was hoping for a baby brother. I had not found out the sex when I was pregnant with Kim and was excited to be able to do shopping and have a sex appropriate shower for this baby.

We finally scheduled the ultrasound, and the day of the appointment I was sitting with dh, Kim, my mom, and my mil, and was explaining to Kim about the ultrasound. It is a hard concept to impart to a four year old, no matter how bright the child is, that the doctor is going to look at the baby inside mommy's tummy.

We were called back, and the ultrasound began. The technician took all of the photos that she needed, and then we called Kim and the grandmas back to see. It was obviously not what Kim was expecting, as she acted kind of scared at first and wanted to be held; she didn't want to look at the screen. Then the technician informed us that there was a 95% certainty we were having a girl. I asked Kim what she thought about having a baby sister, and Kim said, "Mom, you're not having a baby... you're having a turtle". She was seeing the line of the spinal column on the computer screen and she was seeing a turtle shell!

Later that evening after Kim had gone to bed, I asked my husband if he wasn't too disappointed at not being able to have a son. He smiled at me and said, "No honey, I'll be happy as long as our baby is healthy, happy, and not a turtle".