Thursday, November 03, 2005

Pregnancy True or False Revealed

1) Pregnancy makes your feet get bigger. - How many of you had swollen and bigger feet during pregnancy? True! 2) Morning sickness happens only in the morning. False! I got sick so many times at night! 3) After you have the baby, bunches of your hair fall out (before the stress of parenting even kicks in). This is actually true. With your hormones continually being wacky - you might shed a few more hairs. 4) A dark pigmented line running down your belly shows the doctor or midwife where to look for baby as he/she grows inside of you. - This is somewhat of a trick question - because although you might grow a linea negra - it doesn't mean it shows where the baby is growing. 5) Only fathers fear the impending loss of freedom (and sleep) and increased responsibility the baby will bring. - False obviously!