Monday, October 24, 2005

Polka Dot Whale

I got a super cute email from the folks at Polka Dot Whale and of course I had to check out their website. Super cute! They even started their own blog! This is what I LOVE about the internet. If you live in the middle of Alaska with no access to baby boutiques or anything of the sort, the internet provides all of this at your fingertips. And Polka Dot Whale is right up the PregnancyWeekly alley with gifts for newborns, infants, and new mothers. They really do have a great selection of items from pampering a new mom to clothes to accessories. And a bonus? They gift wrap for free - one less thing you have to do! Some of the items I liked - They have some gorgeous nursing covers in beautiful prints for new mothers. There is also a gorgeous small tutu for the aspiring ballerina which I am eyeing because when else am I going to be able to dress my second offspring in pink and flowers and all things girly? If she's anything like me, she will argue against every dress, every shade of pink when she learns to speak. Polka Dot Whale also has some great diaper bags - many of which are not just for the mom but are gender neutral and fun in a modern kind of way. If you are looking for a stylish gift for your wife, yourself or for a friend, I highly recommend Polka Dot Whale.