Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Baby Vacations

I have a few wishes. I wish I were pregnant again and that my Dh and I had some extra cash around the house. If I was and we did, I'd book a vacation to the W Hotel in New York City? Why? Because of this - A Baby Me vacation. I love that the W has started this package. And it's brillian too. Many parents - to be take a mini vacation before the baby arrives. Check out what the W will give you should you book this vacation: - Skip* Hop DUO bag - Cute onesie - Hot Mama book for those stylish pregnant women - Guide for mom shopping - Special snacks from the Womb Service Menu (haha - get it?) which include fruit, ice cream and pickles - Subscription to American Baby magazine - Special Pregnant Goddess Goodies - Baby Me gift sent upon baby's arrival Doesn't this sound fabulous? I wish they had this promotion when I was pregnant!