Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Toilet Paper and Belly Shots

As your pregnant belly grows, it's fun to capture its changes both from the inside and the outside. Many women I know take "belly shots" with their cameras to show the growth through each month. Taken from the side, it can show you how much you are really growing! It's fun to document this as well to look back upon and reflect. I took belly shots with kiddo#1 and when I look at them, I always think how amazing it was to see how the body grows and expands and accomodates a new little person inside. The toilet paper game is also a fun way to see how big your belly is getting. Take a roll of toilet paper and wrap it around the largest part of your belly. Then count how many squares it takes to go around your belly. Doing this every week or every month is a fun way to keep track. Do YOU know of any other fun ways of documenting your belly growth?