Thursday, June 16, 2005

Healthy Cities

For those readers in the states, do you live in one of the below cities? Well congrats because your city is one of America's Healthiest cities. 1) San Jose, Calif. San Jose tops our ranking of America’s healthiest cities, thanks to outstanding scores in the major categories of health status, lifestyle choices and diet. In the separate categories, residents of San Jose reported the study’s best scores in mental wellness, rate of cigarette smoking and consumption of fruits and vegetables. In one of the few negative areas, residents here did report one of the study’s highest rates of asthma. 2) Washington, D.C. One of the big surprises was the second-place ranking of Washington, D.C. It scored well in all five major categories, including the top score in mental wellness. Washingtonians reported feeling well physically, mentally and emotionally and had high scores in dental care and BMI (or body mass index). However, Washington did record higher than average incidences of diabetes and hypertension. 3) San Francisco Like its neighbor San Jose to the south, San Francisco showed strong scores in all major categories except mental wellness. Its residents had the study’s highest scores in BMI and dental care, plus a strong showing in the physical activity category. San Franciscans reported problems with sleeping and stress, and had the study’s highest rate of diabetes. San Francisco also had the study’s highest number of physicians per capita. 4) Seattle-Bellevue-Everett The Seattle metro area had the study’s best scores in the areas of physical activity and lifestyle pursuits. Respondents here reported the highest level of vigorous exercise. Seattlites had high rates of diabetes, hypertension and, yes, sleeplessness. (Insert your own Sleepless in Seattle joke here.) 5) Salt Lake City-Ogden Salt Lake City had its highest scores in the mental wellness and physical activity categories, and all the major categories were above average. Despite getting a lot of exercise, its residents had high rates of diabetes, hypertension and asthma, and recorded the study’s highest rate of high cholesterol. 6) Oakland, Calif. Oakland is the third Bay Area city in the top 10 healthiest cities. Like the others, it earned above-average scores in all five major categories. Oakland was particularly strong in health status, with low smoking and good dental care. However, it did record high rates of diabetes and high cholesterol. 7) Sacramento, Calif. Sacramento was above average in four of the five major categories, stumbling only in mental wellness. Residents there recorded the study’s lowest asthma rate and also had one of the top scores for exercise. 8) Orange County, Calif. “The O.C.” was particularly strong in the categories of mental wellness, lifestyle pursuits and physical activity. Its health status scores were weak, with high rates of arthritis and hypertension. It also had the study’s highest rate of occasional smoking. On the positive side, it had the best score for getting restful sleep. 9) Denver Denver was strong in all major categories, with the exception of the health status category. Denver residents reported one of the best BMI scores. Not surprisingly, they also reported a high level of physical activity. However, they also reported a high rate of diabetes and hypertension. 10) Austin-San Marcos, Texas Austin earned one of the highest scores in the category of physical activity, but one of the lowest in health status. Residents had one of the highest scores for vigorous activity and in the number of gyms and health clubs per capita. But they also reported some of the highest rates of diabetes, hypertension and arthritis.