Wednesday, February 23, 2005

Google and Yahoo - What's Your Search Pleasure?

I have a counter on this blog (invisible ---ooooh!) which tells me how many visitors are visiting (thanks!) and how many visitors are coming back (double thanks!) and it also tells me some other interesting things. Such as where you are coming from. Most of you are coming from the States but I have a few international visitors. So merci, arigato, danke, gracias. What is particularly interesting are the visitors that are directed from a search engine to here. There have been your usual searches: "pregnancy week" or pregnancy week by week" or "pregnancy weekly guide" but then there have been ultimately random searches: "karla" (no doubt for a returning visitor to this blog, Karla!) "goldfish pregnant" and then the random yet still pregnancy related searches: "what causes cramping in 14 week pregnancy" "trying to get pregnant" "pictures of weekly growth" "first sign of being pregnant" "first OB appointment" "prenatal vitamins" and my favorite: "is mouthwash okay during pregnancy" [And to note --- stay away from mouthwash that contains alcohol in it. (Check with your dentist/OB) Take good care of your teeth during the 9 months of pregnancy as most dentists will suggest no dental work during pregnancy. So brush, floss and if your teeth are extra sensitive (often the case with pregnant women), try using a natural toothpaste. I am a personal fan of Toms of Maine.] Aside from that tangent, a big THANK YOU for visiting the website. Pregnant or not --- I hope you enjoy it.