Tuesday, February 22, 2005

DS, DD, DH, AF, BF --- What the Heck is She Saying?

Internet is amazing to me. You can be stuck in the middle of nowhere but if you have an Internet connection you can easily be connected to millions. Along the same lines of having a blog, forums and communities are great to ask questions, share stories, vent, rant and offer advice. There are some great forums out there related to pregnancy, birth, babies and parenting. You might notice on these forums all the particular lingo that is being used. Acronyms thrown in which makes sense to the poster but to a first timer on a forum, it can be confusing. Listed below are some pregnancy specific acronyms to help you guide through the forums like an old pro. AB After Baby BB Before Baby BF Breastfeeding BM Breast milk/Bowel movement CIO Cry it out DC Daycare DD Darling Daughter or Dear Daughter DH Darling/Dear/Damn Husband DS Darling Son or Dear Son DC Darling children or Dear children EBF Exclusively Breastfeeding EDD Estimated Due Date GF Girlfriend(s) IMHO In my humble/honest opinion IMO In my opinion ITA I totally agree IF Infertility IVF In vitro fertilization LMP Late menstraul period M/C Miscarriage M/S Morning Sickness MW Midwife MIL Mother-in-law SIL Sisten-in-law BIL Brother-in-law FIL Father-in-law DIL Daughter-in-law NMS Not my style NP New poster OR Original responder OP Original poster OMG Oh my goodness/gosh PIMP Peed in my pants laughing PG Pregnant/Pregnancy PMS Premenstrual Syndrome PPD Postpartum depression ROFL Rolling on the floor laughing SAHD Stay at home dad SAHM Stay at home mom SO Significant Other TIA Thanks in advance TTC Trying to concieve U/S Ultrasound VBAC Vaginal birth after cesarean WAHD Work at home dad WAHM Work at home mom WOHD Work outside home dad WOHM Work outside home mom There will be a test on this later. ;)